August 7th, 2017

Poll and auction reminder!

Hi guys! I hope you've had a wonderful weekend.

I just wanted to make a poll to gain some insights on what the community wants / feels like we should have.

This is in no way anything official. I was just curious on what you guys would be interested in having. C:
Please feel free to comment or share your thoughts too.

Poll #2071118 Pkmncollectors opinions

What should we have more of?

Group auctions
Group buys
Meet ups
Community contests
Community swaps/trades
Others (please comment)

Voting is open to all c:

Also a quick reminder that the auction ends in less than a week~
I am also open to payment plans.

Most of them don't have bids or are at a minimum. Here's your chance to get mirages and colosseum figures!

Click [here] or the picture to be transported!

Thank you~

Various Pokemon Items for Sale inc Ichiban Kuji

Since I want to start focusing on certain collection pieces, I need space for the plush I no longer wish to keep. Some of the plush I cannot be sure if they are legit or not. (the Pachirisu and the Raichu) (sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 06 NOV 2014)

(Community Feedback here | Ebay Feedback here

I also have feedback on a certain Digimon forum that I run the Sales/Trading area on there. Available if requested :))

The Rules / Shipping / Postage / Quotes Etc

- I only accept Paypal. Please send payments as Goods, and include in the memo your LJ username, so I know who you are, and the items you're buying. (it also makes it easier for me to give you feedback!)

- No banned members allowed.

- Any boxes I use are re-cycled. This is to help keep costs as low as possible. All bubble envelopes are new and I also have some mailing bags for if people choose that option.

- I will combine shipping whenever possible to make it cheaper for you.

- I ship from the UK. Shipping in the UK starts from $5 not tracked (for smaller items like charms/figures if sent in a bubble envelope and international from $8 not tracked. Any international parcel tracked start from $15 (for figures). For plush UK shipping starts from $10 non tracked and $20 tracked for international. I am not responsible for any lost mail that is not tracked.

- If you commit to buy, I can hold your items for 24 hours. Please do not back out from sales once you've committed to buy. This can result in Neutral/Negative Feedback depending on the situation.

-If you want a price/shipping quote first, then decide whether you want to buy or not that is fine. It is first come first serve (so if person a wants a quote, person a has 24 hours to commit after quote)

-Our house is cat/dog/smoke free.

-All Prices are not inclusive of shipping. When posting, please ensure you tell me where you live (i.e UK, USA etc) that way i can give you an estimate on postage. If you prefer your item to be sent in a box (some small plush will likely fit in bubble envelopes, then please say so in advance!)

- If someone asks for a quote, I will provide one and give that person a chance to say yes or no. Even if someone says they can 'buy now'

- I can generally get to the post office on most days after work. (Minus all day Sunday as it isn't open and Wednesday Afternoons *again not open*)

- I only accept Paypal from any country. No E-cheques



Pokemon Ichiban Kuji A Pikachu and Friends Happy Beach Time Bath Towel - $30



Pokemon Plush - (Pichu - $20, Candy Cane Pichu - $25, Raichu - $20, Pachirisu - $10, Pikachu - $12, Oshawott - $12, Emolga - $12, Victini - $15)



Pokemon Amiibo - Greninja, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Charizard - All $8 each (All bought in the UK)


Any questions feel free to ask. If you need pictures of Plush tags please ask.

Lots of sales & anyone want Comiket doujins?

I have some sales! Items include a large Tomy Dialga plush, a few leftovers from my Okinawa pickups, some Pokecen things (tail hooks, pens, Pokeball plush & more) and tons of tiny vintage things :)

Also if anyone is a Pokemon doujinshi collector, Comiket is this weekend and I do pickups. Please see my site for pickup info. Here's some of the lovlies I got last time:

Here's a preview of my sales:

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Ihave an offering going on in my store righ now! 20$ or more purchses will get a nebukuro keychain or towel of thier choice! While supplies last! i have a ton of items in sock right now: pluh, figures, keychains, a ton of last, and so so much more!

Here is a preview of the goods and free stuff!

Click HERE or any of the pics to be transported!

Lost and found surprise

So here's an experience I had this past week.

I'm searching through my toy box, which I never look through unless I'm finding something from my childhood. Just a ocean of toys until BAM. Just found my original copy of Pokemon Gold for the Gameboy Color. I was so surprised cause I thought I sold all my gameboy games when I was a kid. I even went to a game store to see if it works in a Gameboy Advanced SP and wouldn't you guess, it works like new. I had forgotten how shiny and sparkly these cartridges were.

Have you guys found something from the past you didn't think you still have?

Shimama musical

postcard collection update +extras for sale

Hello everyone! Are you hanging in there? I've been sick this past weekend and am feeling pretty darn lousy, but I figured showing off my stuff might make me feel a little better!

Last year I posted pictures of my collection of postcards illustrated by artist Keiko Fukuyama (here: Since then I've acquired most of the remaining postcards that I know of, and now only need the three from the Southern Islands TCG set! Wow! I'm very happy to have them and want to share with you all. Apologies for the camera glare...!


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Along the way I've also accumulated a number of extra postcards. They're all in mint condition and I'd love to see them go to some good homes! Have a look if you'd like~

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Have a good night, friends! Until next time!