August 8th, 2017

Thinking of selling more of my collection

Hello community! I am thinking of maybe selling a lot of my collection to focus on the stuff that I really like. I might update this post later with pictures of all my current stuff and see what interest there is for the things I have. For now, here's my current sales:

I added two rare Eevee plushies, so if anybody is interested, go ahead and take a look!

Trying my luck here to purchase some extremely rare and expensive cards

Hello, as the subject suggest, I've recently been hunting down a Rayquaza gold star from EX DEOXYS PSA10 and a groudon gold star from holon phantoms PSA10. I am not interested in their japanese counterparts. Very preferably if the seller is from the states or canada. If any of you have interest in selling one of these guys, please pm me.

I am aware there are currently 2 rayquaza gold star psa 10s on ebay and one that just got sold. Each of them didnt meet my own expectations from quality to customs. If yoi guys know any other places/forums that may be seliing these guys that would also help alot.

As a side note, I am looking for some of the original ex cards, mainly lugia ex -unseen forces, rayquaza (delta) ex - holon phantoms, salamence (delta) ex- ex dragon frontiers. All must be nm condition.
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Quick Sales reminder~

Hey all~

Spending some extra time at home for once this weekend to get some house repairs done, hope to get some more sales organizing and collection shelving done too~ (as long as it's not too hot like it has been for the past entire month ugh). And the weekend after that is POKEMON WORLDS, waaah!!!! :D

As I'm setting up the shelvings, I'm finding some things that I'll be putting up on the sales own the line--since they just don't really fit in with my collections and I end up keeping them in the box, and they deserve better homes at that point ^^;

So for now, a sales reminder :D

Item highlights:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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Quick Sale - Hasbro Plush Treat Keepers

I'm needing some quick cash for an unexpected bill so I decided to try and sell my Pokemon Treat Keepers. All have a litte dust and wear. No hang tags except for Bulbasaur. Asking 5 each OBO, 7 for Bulbasaur OBO. Willing to sell all 5 for 24 dollars shipped in the US.

I also have a random Meowth plush for sale for 1$.

There are some better pics and more items for sale in my journal here:

I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96.

Who knows about these?

In my previous post I had mentioned I was going through my toybox. Well I had just remembered I found something else and was hoping to see if anyone happens to know. I have these tiny little Pokemon you get from those machines that take a quarter like gumballs and stuff. This was way back then when I was like maybe 4-5 years old. So like maybe 2000-2002 era, I'm trying to find any info but nothing on google or ebay or any list online. They are pretty small and maybe of plastic. They are pretty old and you can see the paint stratched off and what time has done to these guys. I'm sure I have a bunch more in the box but I just grabbed whatever ones I can see on the bottom of the box.

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Large New Year Sleeping Oshawott Plush Auction!

Hello everyone!
I found a nice lot with all 3 sleeping plushies not too long ago and since I already had Oshawott in my collection I now have 2! Oshawott is super adorable but I cannot afford the space to keep both so I am auctionning one of them :) he's too cute not to share!

More info and pics under the cuts!

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Thank you very much ^^ 

ISO: Helping Figures Pikachu

Hello all! The title explains it all but I'm currently on the hunt for this collection. I recently got a desk job and thought what better way to make it feel more at home than to decorate it in Pikachu.If anyone is selling them or can suggest where to find a full collection I'd greatly appreciate it :)