August 10th, 2017

New Pokemon Center sleeping Eeveelutions!!!!!

Omg, you guys, my heart can't take all these awesome releases ;w; All I need now is the 1:1 Alolan Vulpix to be confirmed!

These new guys will be out August 26th! I'm definitely going to need Vaporeon 100%, maybe Umbreon and Leafeon too! I'll decide for sure when real life photos come up!

For  3,800 yen, I'm thinking they'll be kinda big(which would be awesome) I am hoping they'll be kind of squishy like the Mochi plush!

(Picture borrowed from Pokeshopper!)

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Eevee and Flowers Kuji Claims Post!

Due to much interest, I decided to try and do a claims post on these items!

edit: If majority of the items are claimed, I will be able to lower prices!

edit: trying to look for more charms for people and managed to get some people their claims x_x I think I can take 2 more Eevee metal charm claims and 1 more Sylveon metal charm, and maybe 1 more vaporeon claim. Umbreon/leafeon/glaceon probably is a no go

- Granted Sales Permission by entirelycliched on July 27th 2013
feedback page:
-Paypal only, prices do not include fees/shipping
- There will be 2 payments. 1 for the item + domestic, international fees and the other payment will be me shipping to you.
-I ship from the US incase anyone is curious x_x
-Please pay within 48 hours of given total otherwise I will give negative feedback/pass your item onto the next person.
- Your spot does not reflect that you will 100% get the item, I am guestimating how many of each will be there

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(SALES) Get These Side Collections Oot Ma Hoose! (Lots Of Bundle Deals!)

Hi guys! Hope you're well! ^^

I have a LOT of my side collections still lying around in my office, awaiting new homes. As much as I once loved them, they're just getting in my way now that I've decided to part with them and I'd love for them all to find a home where they'll be appreciated once again ;_; For this reason, I've decided to do some incredible bundle deals if you'd like to buy multiple lots! There's still -many- rare items up for grabs within these lots so you could be striking lucky and getting a fantastic bargain or two buy taking these guys off my hands!

If you're a fan of Nidoran, Nidorino, Nidorina, Nidoqueen, Ekans, Arbok, poison types in general or even Vulpix and Magikarp, there's bound to be something to tickle your fancy! Have a little preview!

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Getting Rid of Rockruff Collection

As cute as he is... I have some bills to pay + I'm moving so these are up for grabs!


Shipping is from Virginia, USA to USA ONLY at the moment (I don't know how to calculate larger packages shipping prices correctly overseas, if you guys could find me a calculator that works I might consider shipping the larger things)

Prices: I'm not really sure what these are worth at the moment so I couldn't give you a price value... if you have references of what they are worth we can match.

All of these have no tags, I threw them away or they didn't come with one.

Wants: sales post, Shinx stuff, marbles, jakks figures, (check my journals for my collections to see what I have or don't have)



Pikachu Parade figures for sale

Hi all, I am selling some pikachu Parade figures today :D


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General sales rule and want list


1. Parade Start x 2
2. Let's Go (two pikachus) x 2
3. Unicycle x 2
4. Flower x 2 x1
5. Raincoat x 2 x1
6. Skateboard x 2 x1
7. Mimikyu x 2
8. Pikachu + car x 2
9. Airship x 2
10. Balloon x 1

$13 shipped worldwide each without box, or $14 shipped with box flattened.
$1 off each additional if you buy multiple, does not include paypal fees.

Inquire if you want tracking.

Can be combined with my sales (still offering free shipping!):

Pikachu Sleeves for Sale!

Hey guys :)


I have Pikachu sleeves for sale and trade! I'll trade for any sleeves I don't have, but I'm very interested in other Pikachu sleeves from this series (where they're all wearing Ash's hats).

I have a set of 32 for 8 dollars, or individual sleeves for 1 dollar a piece. Minimum purchase is 3 dollars.


They can be combined with any of these sleeves (also 1 dollar each, or available for trade)

This will probably be the last round of new sleeves for a while, cause all of my EX's are officially protected and I don't need anymore for now :D Please feel free to comment if you're interested or if you have any questions <3

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 19 Feb 2013

And a link to my store-


I am currently driving to a camping site and won't have much internet access when I get there. Replies may be limited this weekend.
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Sleeping Oshawott plush Auction reminder + updated sales!

This is just a small reminder for my Sleeping Oshawott plush auction :) just a coupe more hours left!
Don't miss this cutie ^^

Original post ->

I also updated my sale post! I added more plushies and lowered all of my prizes :D
Come take a look ^^ you can also combine with Oshawott if you want.

Sale Banner.JPG

Sale post here ->

Thanks for looking ^^ 

Selling some items~ :3

I am also on a look out for a mirage Ampharos or houndour plush, I missed out on eBay and would love to see if anyone would like to trade?

I have a Japanese pokedoll houndour, dragonite pokedoll and a couple of other items I can trade~ (:

Other than that here is my sales post.

I was granted sales permission by: entirelycliched on 8/7/2013.
My feedback is located: HERE
~All Rules apply~

Just click on the picture to be transported.