August 12th, 2017

Looking for Clear and Pearly Tomy Figs!

My Tomy collection of regular figs is 99% done so I figured it was about time to further expand into getting some more paint variations. I already have a handful that I've gotten mostly in lots, but I have many more I'm still missing if anyone has extras they're looking to sell! I'm more interested in clear figures since I feel like they look a little more unique!

A few wants!

EDIT: LiveJournal doesnt notify me of comments on this post so I'll be checking back often!! Thank you to those who have commented :')

Hello all! Currently in search of a few things. The year on these does not really matter, but I do need the Lycanroc card to be English.

Any Arceus plush
Arceus strap
Dialga pokedoll
Midnight Lycanroc Guardians Rising rainbow secret card

As always, anything Lycanroc, Reshiram, Lucario, Houndoom (or any of those evolutions) is always something I'm looking for!

I would upload pics but my internet is very wonky :')
If anyone has any of these items for sale please let me know and I'll strongly consider!
Thank you all so much for reading!

Looking to trade around ~2000 Pan Stickers for Amada Stickers!

So, long story short I've got about 2000 Pan Stickers, can count to make sure if serious interest, when I got them I think it might have even been a a bit more but w/e

But I'm looking to trade them for amada stickers. Preferrably around the same amount as well.

Only looking to trade for amadas, not selling them sorry!

Also, the piles are alphetically organized, don't just assume cause a pile has mamoswine on it its all mamoswine etc cause its not. The only one I have a crap ton of is pikachu lol

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  • ku_bek

Some new "small" sales! ^-^

Hello guys!

I've got a couple of items that I haven't posted on the comm yet that needs to go!
There's a couple of newest figs, pokeball stampers, some new clearfiles, new uno cards, bromides, metal keychains and so on!

Here's a little preview:

I'm tagging few users in case they want some stuffs ^-^
satoshierika, clicky797, chaos_21, mightyena_mad_7,

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Update on Eeveelus Puttito - all full set claims that are on my list WILL BE FULFILLED! Most of the single figs too. I should have them in hand within 2-3 weeks ^-^
Thanks for looking guys and have a good weekend!

Newest gets!

Hey, community, long time no see! I'm still lurking around, I just want to share some of my latest gets. I haven't really been able to collect as much but I honestly want to change that!

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Thanks for looking, and it feels nice to be back.