August 13th, 2017

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Hello everyone! I'm Allison and I'm 18 years old. Feel free to call me Novern or Nov though~ I started collecting pokemon about 10 years ago in 2007, though collection was a loose term for me back then since every pokemon figure or item I got was basically a new part of the family for me. Now I guess I'd consider it more of a collection, though they still hold blissful memories for me~

Since I began getting into pokemon in 2007 (the year JAKKS started making pokemon), the main part of my collection is JAKKS figures and plush, though I do have some TOMY and others in there as well:

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I also love finding differences in the items, such as the JAKKS figures.

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Besides all that I am a HUGE fan of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series (excluding Gates to Infinity) and am also part of storytelling/art group on deviantART called Rival Gates where I make comics~

Well thanks for indulging me. I'm excited to get started in this group!
espurr, Cecil

Gets and Wants

Alright, first off: gets!

I just recently got back from Myrtle Beach, SC and brought home with me these guys:

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Awhile back I also added these to my collection as well:

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And now that leads on to my wants!

I can't trade or sell right now (I have a lot of items I have to offer though, but that'll be for the future!), but I'll just put these out there in case any of you have them for sale.

I'm looking for:
- Any Pokemon Mystery Dungeon items (mainly figures and plush). All I have is what I showed you above and the games.
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- JAKKS Purugly figure
- JAKKS Registeel figure
- Pokemon Center Kyurem plush
- Any Grubbin or Vikavolt merch (mainly figures and plushes, but I don't know what's out there of him yet!)

ISO: darumaka! Especially 2011 new years promo items!

Howdy guys! Hope you're having a great Sunday :)
I've been looking for a few darumaka items - but having trouble! If you or someone you know is willing to part with any of these items, please get in touch :)
MWT preferred, but not necessary!

Pictures courtesy of darumaka desert and pokevault!

Thank you! :)

Starting at top left, going clockwise :)
1. New years 2011 stew bowl
2. AEON can badge
3. Gold coin

4. New years 2011 sticker

Starting at top left, going clockwise :)
5. New years 2011 Chopstick holders
6. Rice cracker bag
7. New years 2013 bell charm
8. Tomy candy figure

Unexpected Eevee find!:D

Hey guys hope you're having a great weekend:) I was browsing Musica at the mall today and came across this lovely poster that I just had to share^_^

It's an eeveelutions poster!^_^I'm not really sure if it's a licensed product but it was only $5 so I just had to snap it up and with my luck I got the last available one!^_^ i just need to think of a way to nicely display it now!
Have a great weekend guys!:)
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TOMY Zipper Plush Product Images!

Hello everyone! We've been waiting for product images or more info on the TOMY Zipper plushies for ages now, they were listed in the TOMY catalogue and the Alolan Vulpix and Pikachu plushies were shown at the London Toy Fair earlier this year. They were supposed to be released in July but it just didn't happen! I'm not sure how but managed to get the product images for all four Pokemon in the past couple of days! I haven't seen anyone post about it so I thought I'd bring it to the attention of the community. c:

I'm so excited for the Cutiefly! It is so perfectly adorable and it will be mine!! The date listed for release on Pokeshopper is a very ominous "August 2017", hopefully they'll just start showing up! Here's a link to the list of all upcoming merch on Pokeshopper.

Are you as excited for these as I am? C:

espurr, Cecil

Pokemon XL Multi Figure Pack

I just got done opening Tomy's new multi figure pack and man did that take a long time! I didn't think Tomy figures were this hard to get out before. Usually they just pop right out, but these took a lot of work and now my thumbs hurt, haha. I didn't want to break them either, but you kind of have to be rough to get them out. Just warning anyone else who gets the same pack, it took me about an hour to open. 'XD

Here they are though!

And my grail Grubbin <3

Suicune wants - Mostly anything suicune

Any suicune stuff you have let me know and price :)
If anyone has a sales post or some of the above for sale you should message me ^^
Anything with a strike through means I have recently aquired it! lll

Pictures of some of my wants:

Suicune Zukan

3D puzzle Suicune Looking for Shiny version now

Mcdonalds Suicune figure

Suicune Plamo figure

Suicune Bandai Suicune Model

Suicune deluxe figures

Sofubi figure

Suicune clear kid

Any Suicune Battrios

Any Suicune Lamincard

Suicune V-trainer figure

Suicune Chou set

Suicune Stamp

Moncolle figure

Suicune base

Suicune and Ash

Black base Suicune

Suicune Krak I have the yellow/orange one, still looking for this one and the others!

Thanks for looking, just message me if you have any or message any good links for these to buy from.