August 14th, 2017

TCG Card Sale + SALES Reminder

Recieved sales permission: 19 October 2013 by entirelyclinched
My feedback is here:


  • A little warning: I will call you cute names like "dear, sug, hun, etc" I'm not flirting! I'm just really motherly toward people here. Sorry. :')

  • United States Only

  • PayPal Only

  • Haggling is welcomed with multiple items

  • Please send payment in a timely manner (0-30 hours)

  • Most prices include shipping, but not tracking. If you'd like tracking, please ask for it and I'll add it to your total.

  • To let me know you read this, please tell me your favorite bird or bird poke'mon. :) OR JUST SAY "CHICKEN"

New items will be coming soon!
General Poke'mon sales:


Majority of these cards are holos and rares except for the few odd ones.

Buy a card that's over $3:
Receive a card for free (that's around $1 in value)
Spend $10: Receive a card for free (that's around $1 in value) then receive a card of lesser value for 50% off
Anything more, let's talk. :)


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Sales Reminder. :3

Just posting another sales reminder, everything is up to date so if its shown its still available. Feel free to take a look if you're interested in anything! Would really like to clear some of this stuff out if at all possible.


Part 1:
Part 2:

My other sales posts can be viewed here:

Have a nice day everyone. ^^
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moncolle get sales, pikachu lot for sale

Howdy! Quick post today.
I bought a box of moncolle get figures but only wanted 3 of them (steenee, primarina, and shimmery primarina) so I have the extra ones for sale!

* Sales permission granted by dakajojo 7/20/2011
* I Ship from MI, USA.
* Feedback:
* RULE CHANGE: commitment takes priority over quotes now! tired of people not responding back in a timely manner. :(
* If commited, you must pay within 24 hours of me giving you a total - I will give negative feedback if payment is not recieved in this time and your item will be passed to someone else.
* I do holds for 24 hrs.
* SHIPPING STARTS AT $2.50 IN THE US, $9.50 CANADA, $13.50 OUTSIDE THE US. I can't change this or control this, sorry. :(

They are $4 each, but shimmery mudsdale and golbat are $7!
I only have one of each figure.

Also, I do still have some Pikachu plush left and am looking to sell them in a lot.

I'm looking for $150 + shipping, i really just want to get rid of them!
They'll be posted on ebay tomorrow or later tonight if no one here is interested.
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Questions About/Looking for Full Color Stadium & Battle Museum Figures

Hello everyone :D

I'm actively looking for Full Color Stadium and Battle Museum figures, as well as loose FCS/Battle Museum plastic bases. Although I'm definitely open to anything I don't already own, I am especially on the lookout for these two:

(Much apologies if either of these images belong to you! Found them on Google. I can remove the images immediately if you'd prefer I didn't use them).

Again, I am open to anything I don't already own in the way of FCS or Battle Museum figures. Even if you don't have the above two figures available, please feel free to let me know what else you might be willing to part with. Thank you C:
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Just A Quick Authentic Versus "Bootleg" Cosmog PC Plush Comparison!

Hey guys! Today I just felt like doing a quick comparison on two Cosmog plushies I bought- one of which is the authentic Japanese PC plush and one I bought from one of those bootleg sellers that you see a vast variety of on Ebay. This post will be for both people who are just curious of the quality of some of the bootleg plush you can find online for deep discounts and to educate new collectors on the signs of bootleg plush and what to look for if you suspect you may have accidentally purchased a non-authentic product. I know many collectors condone having bootleg items in their collection, but I personally think it can be alright if you support the original release or purchase plush that are not "replicating" any offical releases that may be out there. It is a personal choice and this post is not meant to condone nor support bootlegs in any way. Always try to support the orginal release! :D With all that out of the way I bring to you the comparisons!!

Bootleg is on the left and the official release is on the right:

I want to point out that the bootleg's hang tag is much lighter and less shiny than the official plush. I know it is hard to see in this picture, but the official plush's tag is very shiny with high quality ink where as the bootleg looks more "washed out".

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Otakon Gets and Collection Update!

This year I attended my first convention ever, Otakon! It was great! There were lots of fabulous costumes and I really enjoyed browsing the Dealer's Room and attending the panels. I also got to see some amazing art in the Artists' Alley!

Anyways, this outing gave me the perfect opportunity to do a quick update on my collection. It has grown a lot since I last posted pictures, which was when I joined this site a few months ago! It'll grow a lot more as the months continue, now that I finally have my finances somewhat figured out :P (I still need a job...sigh)

So, I'll be posting more updates as I move and get settled into college, but for now, I'll post some quick get pics.

First, I got my hands on the 2016 Banpresto Charizard UFO :) He's super huggable and cute and he always looks very happy and determined up on my shelf <3

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My second get from the con was this marvelous handmade fleece Popplio hat made by a store called Athena's Wink!

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Last, but certainly not least is what I consider to be my most impressive get from the convention...A used (but in good condition and with manual, casing, etc.) japanese copy of Pokemon Crystal!!!
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Trades + Collection Weeding Part 2: Flats Auctions & Sales!

Hi all ^u^

My summer is quickly coming to an end, so it's time for Part 2 of my collection weeding! Today, I have some things up for trade and some flat items up for sale and auction. This is a fairly short auction, so please check it out and get your bids in!

The auction will end Saturday, August 19, at 10:00 PM EST/Detroit Time.
Countdown Timer: >here<

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That's it for this round of sales/auctions!


Feel free to check out my Sales Page! You can either click on my temporary banner or the link below to my sales, but please be aware, I will only combine flat items from my sales with these auctions! If you're willing to wait, I will hold any non-flat items until my figure/plush auctions.
new banner test3.jpg

Also, feel free to check out my Claims Booth, while you're at the Main Page. I still need claims for the Stained Glass Keychains, and I've added some new things. Here's a little preview of what has been added:

Thank you for taking a look! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!
Best of luck ✧*:・゚*\(^ v ^)/*:・゚✧