August 15th, 2017

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sales post

I've added a few more items to my sales post. I also have a pokedoll Magikarp that I'd like to sell but there's no tags (tush or hangtag) and it's in very loved condition. I had bought it like that and was very desperate at the time -_-. Would it be very difficult to sell or would it just be better to keep it? I had bought it for $50 USD + shipping and am looking to sell it for that price.

All pokemon goods can be combined with all my non-Pokemon items! I also have a ton of tsum tsums if anyone would like to have a look (not listed in my shop). Thanks and have a great day everyone!
Charizard pokemon


Hi guys so I just recently started collecting pokedolls and came across this plush and was curious if it was legit. I'm still learning with identifying plush and I know this lugia pokedoll is kinda tricky.

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FINAL REDUCTIONS! Need These Lots GONE! Rare Nidoran line & Ekans line merch included!

Hi guys! Me again! ^^;

I've done some final reductions of my side collection sales which include Nidoran M&F, Nidorina, Nidorino, Nidoqueen, Ekans & Arbok!

I've bundled these lots into specific Pokemon species bundles and done some huge deals on entire lots that include some very rare and unusual items! We're talking Zukan, Tomys, Clear Kids, the works!

Better yet? Buy an entire lot and you'll get all the flat merch I can find stashed away in my little flats envelopes for that Pokémon absolutely free!

These lots are a great way to further bolster your collections, start new collections or even just bulk out your own sales pages with some pretty neat items!

These are the last reductions I'll be doing on these lots before I go down the nasty eBay route which will force me to raises the prices again to accomodate their fees, so this may be your last chance to get these fantastic items at such incredible prices!

As always, a little sales preview!

Thanks for looking guys and I hope someone here can give these guys a wonderful new home! ^_^

Rarer Pokemon Plush (old kuta kutas and more)

Hi today I'm selling some older rarer Pokemon Plush! Here are pictures

My sales permission under this cut
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Prices -
Eevee walky Plush (new) - $22
Sleepy Pikachu kuta kuta (has stain) - $50
Squirtle kuta kuta - $28
Articuno banpresto - $15
Charmeleon banpresto - $20
Weavile pokedoll - $25
Igglybuff pokedoll - $65
Christmas riolu mwt - $25
Phione banpresto x2 - $8 each
Lapras banpresto - $15
Mew banpresto both $15 each
Audino canvas new - $15
Ichiban Kuji Pichu 2001 - $50 obo never seen this for sale anywhere
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Sales reminder + shiny Eevee Pokemon Dolls for pre-order

Here's a sales reminder: I've reduced prices on most of the unsold items from my previous sales, and added Umbreon jumbo TCG card, coin and pin, and also a Mega Lucario jumbo TCG card.
Click HERE or the picture to go!

And also I have a newly finished shiny Eevee 2017 Pokedoll (or called Pokemon Dolls) available for pre-order!

Check out more pictures under the cut:

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espurr, Cecil

Latios and Manaphy Figure

Does anyone know anything about these guys? I recently got them in a Pokemon lot and know absolutely nothing about them. They don't have a brand on them, but don't seem to be bootlegs or anything. The Latios' wings can come off and the Manaphy's eyes open and close and arms move up and down. The Latios also has a small hole on the bottom which I presume is for some kind of stand.


Collection update + Shiny Sentret plush for sale

Hmnmn I haven't gotten a lot of new stuff lately since I've been very occupied with school and a little strapped for both space and spending money, but I did get a few odd things the last few months!
There's been so many items released these past few months that I'd reaaaally like to get though fhshsh. ;n;
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In other news, I wanted to take a quick break from trades, convention work and commissions, which resulted in a Shiny Sentret plush that's now looking for a new home! More info, rules and bigger pictures under the cut. Sold, thanks! ^^

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Thanks for looking and have a nice day everyone! :D
Ampharos, Denryu

Introduction, Collection and New Gets!

Hello everyone! My name is Cass (or you can call me Denryu if that's more comfortable for you). I'm 26 and from Michigan. I've been playing Pokemon for basically my whole life -since the red/blue days. I have lots of merch, but I never really started collecting anything in particular until about last October. And since then I've gone a little crazy, lol.

I've been a member for many months now, but I'm mostly a lurker due to my social anxiety. Hopefully I'll post more in the future! You may have seen me buying some things here and there, however. :)

If you couldn't tell, I'm an Ampharos collector. Eventually I'd like to collect the whole line, but I figured I'd start with my absolute favorite so as not to break the bank (right away).

Anyway, I'd like to show off my small collection and see what you guys think so far! Pics will be below the cut. WARNING: PIC HEAVY!
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And I wanted to show some new gets! I haven't seen too many posts about the Construx kits! Originally, I didn't really care for the way they looked in the pictures and I wasn't planning on getting any but when my husband and I found them in the store, we couldn't resist. So, pics below the cut!

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So that's all for now. Hope you enjoy the pics! :) And expect to see a wants post sometime soon. There's still a ton of Amphy's out there that I don't have!

Re-ment Terrarium figure GB

Hi all! Just doing a quick GB on these Terrarium figures!
Each figure will be 752 yen (~$7USD) (This includes shipping to me), plus paypal fees, I will be buying from amiami.

Update: There are still slots for set 2!
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Also a reminder that I still have many pikachu parade figures for sale ^^
Original post:
I am happy to combine shipping with this GB if you don't mind waiting :)

Thanks as always!