August 16th, 2017

Anybody selling Sapporo Vulpix plush?

I am still after this plush. I knew I should have picked one up after they came out, but I waited on it, and now people are asking like 3x or more for it than it's worth / what I'd like to pay.
If anybody is willing to (and I did see one sell for around this price a few months ago on here) if you have one of these, please let me know! I am looking to spend $15 + shipping, maybe $20 tops.

EDIT:I was told it was sold for $28 when it came out. I guess I thought it sold for $15, since I saw some people selling it for that price! Or, I saw people selling the mascot version and I got confused! In that case, I would prefer to buy one for $28 + shipping, maybe $30 tops. If I can find somebody selling one for this much, I will have to get to work on some commissions, haha.

Waza Museum and Poke Studios starters

The Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott are official Pokemon Waza Museum figures. The rest are Poke Studio figures made in the same style and scale of the Waza Museum ones. I have all of the starters they've made so far. They've come this far so I assume they will continue to make the rest of the starters. They all look so nice together like this. Can't wait for the rest to be released!

GRAIL GET + Updated Rockruff Collection!

Hello, all! It has been a while! I wanted to show you all that I finally got a grail I've been eyeing for a while.. the Banpresto Rockruff/ Lycanroc UFO machine poster! These were put into UFO machines that had the plushes so I never thought I would get my hands on it. I am so happy! Photos of that and other stuff under the cute!

Collapse )

WAN WAN! So proud of my collection for Rockruff!!!

show me your hilarious bootie pics!

I've seen a couple of posts about bootlegs lately and though I've never purchased one, I've always been curious! And I'm sure I'm not the only one who finds some booties to be hilarious. Like.. what were they thinking?

I'll go first! Check out this poor obese Leafeon I just found on eBay. His eyes have slid down his REALLY long head and he actually has cankles!

At least the seller is (more than likely) being honest and not using a stock photo of the real Pokedoll like many do!
I'm sort of tempted to buy him xD

Ok your turn!
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