August 17th, 2017

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Want: Pokemon Time Buizel Plush

Hello! I hope you're all having a good week. c:

I was just wondering if anyone is or knows anyone who is selling the Pokemon Time Buizel plush from 2016? Looking for MWT, it's become somewhat of a grail for me. I'm kicking myself because I saw it for sale on about 4 months ago and didn't buy it like a total dummy! Looking to spend $120AUD including shipping to Australia if possible, though please respond even if you're looking for more!

Thank you! <3


Minior Merchandise?

This is just a quick post asking about any merch of this little guy. Is there anything besides the PC charm set? (I still need to get them >.<)
On that note, is there any news for any upcoming merch that may contain Minior? I certainly hope they get more attention in the future.

ISO Grail: TOMY Candy Figure Darumaka

Happy Thursday guys! Or as a friend calls it - "Friday Eve" hehe. I realize my last post is still on the front page, but it's a couple of days old and I really want to narrow my search to this one little sucker! I am surprised at how hard it is to find this candy figure when I have found way more obscure things! :'D You can check out my original post and see how quickly I am checking things off... except for this little nugget.

Do you or someone you know have this figure and is willing to part with it? I don't even care about the repeat ball. Please let me know :)

Wanted dead or alive!

Thank you! :)

Question about Buyee

Hey all!

Just won my Grail (SLOWBRO BELL PLUSH :D) on Y!J using Buyee! I have a question about the delivery though; does Buyee ship to PO boxes? I'll be living in my dorm and the last time I had a package shipped to my house, I had to physically go to the post office to pick it up. If I have to pick it up again, I'm unsure about which post office it'll be sent to: either the one on campus or 3 other possible ones off campus. Should I have them ship to my house (3 hours away)? Or just go ahead and have them deliver to my PO box?

Here he is in all of his tiny, shiny glory :')Thanks for reading! ^_^

Kuji rubber charm get!

I got this a little while back, finally decided to show it off! My 'Pokemon Collection 2017' Kuji Vulpix rubber charm!!

It's so cute, I am SO glad I was able to get it!

I absolutely adore the art style used for this collection, I'd love to see more of it, maybe they'll use the same artist again in a future collection!

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Re Introduction

AH Hey everyone it has been so so so long since I have posted or even really been active on the community! I was not active all summer because of some things that happened in UNI at the end of last semester and I got very much caught up into the void of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild haha. So most of my summer went into ALL of that. WHOOPS.

So I figured a reintroduction would be a proper form to introduce myself to the many new collectors.
My name is Lingo
I identify as gender:null (they/them/it)
I'm am 20 years old. I first joined here when I was 18 years old.
My birthday is on October 24th I will be 21 this year!
I live in the state of Texas
My favorite generation of Pokemon is the 4th gen!
My favorite types are dragon, electric, fire, and water
My favorite Pokemon are Litleo, Raichu, Giratina, Shaymin, Dragonite, Popplio, Empoleon, Buizel and Luxray
I mostly collect lion like Pokemon such as Litleo/ (male) Pyroar, Shinx evo line and Solgaleo. Though my main collection is my Litleos as it is my favorite Pokemon!
Other fandoms and things I am really into are: The Legend of Zelda, Steven Universe, Spyro, South Park, Rick and Morty, The Lion King/Guard and various other cartoons (mostly the older ones from the 90's-early 2000's) but I do enjoy the occasional new ones!)
Feel free to DM me if you'd love to chat with me on other social media accounts! I have Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, and FA.

You can view a mini history of my collection here !

NOW onto the collection as of now!
(click for bigger view)

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Pokemon worlds 2017 Pick up and sales reminder

~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~
*I Ship from California
*I ship INT but be warned shipping starts at 7.00-13.50 unless it can be mailed in a letter.
*I accept Paypal only,I do take echecks but I will not ship until they go through.
*Feedback -
*Payment is due as soon as I have the item in hand and send you your total with shipping.
Should be Saturday or Sunday

I will pick up anything available for purchase at the pokemon center (Picture posted in comments)
Small stuff (Deck,Sleeves,Pins,Screen Cleaner,Lanyard 14.99,DS Bag) ~ Original Cost + 1.00  + shipping
Medium stuff (Plush,Hat 19.99,Mat 24.99) ~ Original Cost + 2.00 + shipping
Large Stuff (Backpack,Rowlet cushion,Shirt 24.99) ~ Original Cost + 3.00 + shipping
A cap of 10.00 so anything past I will pick up with no extra cost.
I believe there is maximum of 2 per person from previous experiance
If the store opens the first day I will have 2 other people with me so I could pick up 6 of each item,If it opens Saturday I can get 4 of each item.

Also still have plenty of stuff for sale :3

Pokemon Moncolle GET shinies? (Also: WTB Shimmery Entei MC GET)

Hey all,

I previously made a post asking how the shimmeries work in the Moncolle GET boxes. I received my box, and got two shimmeries: Incineroar and Makuhita. So I bought a second box... and got the exact same two shimmers! I really really want the Entei shimmer. Did I just get super unlucky? Is it worth trying a third time with a third box? Or am I statistcally gonna get those same two yet again?

(Also if anyone is selling the shimmery Entei from the Moncolle GET series please get in touch asap!)

Worlds 2017 pickups

Granted sales permission by denkinouse 6/7/2011
Hi! I'll be doing pickups for worlds if anyone is interested in items.
At the moment I'm looking to only shop within the US.
Plush: $35
Lanyard: $35
Sleeves: $18
Deckbox $35
Pins: $19
Jersey: $90
Shirt: $35

I can look at prices for other things but that's
I'm at looking to purchase at this time