August 18th, 2017

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Pokemon Worlds 2017 pics!

Hey! I am in Anaheim right now for Pokemon Worlds this weekend! I'm so tired since it's 3am and it was a long drive down to Anaheim from the Bay Area. I got to go the Pokemon Center store on Thursday evening so here are some pics. Some pics lead to my tumblr and twitter for bigger pics~ sorry about that!

Not being totally biased since I'm from the SF Bay Area but the Pikachu plush last year was better. xD

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They didn’t have a fleece blanket or decals unlike last year in San Francisco. However, there is another lanyard which is different from the lanyard for the badges. Also, I didn't see an exclusive Worlds pin just the Pikachu with the Alola starters set...

Anyways, you can check out Twitter and such for Worlds updates. It's going to be a lot of fun this weekend hanging out with friends. ;w; I am also going to Disneyland for the first time!

Thanks for reading~

New etsy shop!

Hello pokefans! I have recently decided to open an etsy shop and offer custom made pokemon embroidery items! Some examples of the things I have been making are pokedoll towels and applique messenger bags. I would love it if you guys would come check out my new shop!

I do have sales permission and you can find all my rules here with my latest sales post:
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NEW Snorlax posable figure by Tomy to feature Z-Crystal

Tomy USA website has been updated with all the upcoming releases featuring the new eeveelutions 3-pack, lycanroc both forms, Tapu Koko and many others.
But the big surprise is the posable figure (L Size) of Snorlax bundled with a special Z-Crystal for its own Z-Move.

Tomy has already released the crystal ring and all the types crystal...

but this is going to be the first specific crystal and now the speculation starts...
cuz probably Tomy is going to release exclusive figures with z-crystal for their own moves.
and i'd love a huge pack for Eevium Z featuring Eevee and all its 8 evolutions, considering Leafeon and Glaceon are the only eeveelutions posable figures to miss

More Sleepy Eeveelutions Plushies Pics Revealed!

Hiya everyone!

Sharing it here since I haven't see anybody posted yet.
More official product pictures of the sleepy Eeveelutions plushies are finally revealed!


Pictures under the cut for those who are not convenient to view it from the site :D

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They're so BIG and CUDDLY and HUGGABLE!!! <3 <3
I can't wait for them to be released next week!

Which Eeveelution are you going to get and why? :D
I'd love to hear from you guys!

In the meantime I still can't make up my mind whether to get Umbreon or Sylveon sobs ;w;

Tomy XL 12 pack spares for sale

I bought one of these boxes of Tomy figures after seeing another member post about them, I didn't realise they were available so I pounced on it just for Grubbin XD

I also decided to keep Pikachu and Litten after I saw them out of the box, but the rest are for sale!

Rules in the cut

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Items in this cut

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If you are interested I do also have some zukans for sale in this post: