August 19th, 2017

momozono nanami

Auction Reminder + TRU Leafeon

Hi everyone!

Jut a little reminder for my auctions. My auctions end at 10:00 PM EST/Detroit time on August 19. There's a little less than 24 hours left, and almost all items are at their starting bid.

To be transported to the auction, you can either click on the preview image or the link below:

Also, a little reminder of my sales and claims. I still need a few more claims for each set, and this is my last sales reminder for old stock. I'll be doing the last part of my collection weeding soon, so feel free to check it out before then! To be transported to my Main Sales Page you can click on my banner or the following link, and to be transported to my claims, you can click on the following image and link below:
new banner test3.jpg
Sales -
Claims -

Also, I saw that TRU's website updated with this month's exclusive Eeveelution. This month's is Leafeon! I don't know why they skipped over Espeon, but Leafeon is adorable. The link to for Leafeon is below.
EDIT: I think TRU removed Leafeon since the link isn't working :(

Until next time, have a great weekend!
(^w^)/" kuro
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Oshawott with you Can Bage For Sale-SOLD

I kinda forgot I still had this for awhile but I found it again so I would like to sell it off quickly if possible.

In very good condition,only used for display. From smoke free home.
Asking $3 + shipping. (US Shipping is $3+fees, Canada Shipping is $9.50 + fees, International Shipping is $13.50 + fees)

This can be sold on its own or can be combined with anything from any of my various sales posts:
Please comment below if interested in buying! All of my additional sales information can be found here:


★☆ July/August gets + I made more clay figures! ☆★

Hello collectors! I got another load of pokemon stuff over the past two months and I thought I'd write about them today! Items are courtesy of Yahoo! Auctions, AmiAmi and the Pokemon Japanese online store!

I was very excited for some of these items so let's get right into it!

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And lastly, I wanted to show what I've been making lately!

Pokedoll figures! I know they've been done many times before but these are my take on them. Critic is welcome!

Thanks for reading!

$5 Pokemon Plush

hello today I'm trying to sell all my leftover Pokemon Plush! Their conditions vary depending on the plush but all are tto except one Pikachu some may have stains! Ask about conditions if you are concerned here's my sales permission
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Everything is $5 each!!

First Raichu Collection Update Since... 1,5 years?!

Whoa whoa, it looks like my last proper collection update was in December 2015! Since then, I've travelled to Japan again, hunted for jobs (successfully, yay!) and been super busy with other things. Apologies for my inactivity, this is still an awesome community!

For all you new members... First and foremost, welcome and nice to meet you! ^^ I'm raichu_saana, a Raichu fan from Finland with a soft spot for canine Pokémon as well as Chikorita and Bayleef. I've been a member since 2007 and I have a small Pokémon shop, too.

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As always, feel free to ask me if you have any questions about particular items! ^^