August 20th, 2017

Jollibee Figure Claims!

Hello everyone ^_^

I purchased a set of these figures. Jollibee is a fast food restaurant in the Phillipines. I am keeping Litten and Pikachu. The other two will be up for claim. All are claimed!!

IMG_3830.PNG IMG_3831.PNG


Also, sales plug:

I start working Monday-Friday soon! I can't wait to have weekends and holidays off :D


Sales reminder!

Hello hello i have extended the sale in my tsorean extra week. All purchases over 20$will recieve a nebukuro ichiban kuji towel or keychain of their choice!

here is a preview of my store:


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Thank you!

Bootfair/Swap Meet/ Flea Market finds.

Hi guys. Long time no post.

Today actually marks my 6th anniversary on the comm, and I have something planned.

Anyway, today I went to a local flea market ( what we Brits call a Boot Fair) Normally, you just find something like Burger King toys, old tomy figures and bootleg figures in terms of Pokemon items.

Today I found a treasure.

A lilteo Pokemon centre plush.  A legit Litleo Pokemon centre plush.

Collapse )

So I have a question. Do you have any finds you got from a Flea Market? 

ISO Lycanroc Moncolle Get figures!

Hello everyone
Today I come to you in search of the Lycanroc Moncolle Get figures! Normal versions (do not care for the shiny/pearly ones)

I mainly want Midnight form, but I may be willing to buy midday too. But aquiring midnight form comes first!
I love midday, but just not as much as midnight. I guess you can say I prefer using him in the games instead of midnight, because accelerock <3
But Midnight form is more meaningful to me personally.

I prefer them to me in decent condition. (no major marks/scratches) And am hoping to not spend more than $12 each
But please comment or PM me with your prices!

And lastly Sales plug. Lowered prices again! Please click photo or HERE