August 21st, 2017

Mewtwo destroy

Somewhat unusual want..?

Hey all! Just posting in the off-chance that someone might have this piece of merch.

Or click here for a closer look.

Basically it's a navy tie with grey sprite-like (but not the 'dot sprite') pikachus - I think it's absolutely gorgeous and I'm surprised that I can't find it listed anywhere but on amazon!

Has anyone got one/know anything more about this (is it an official product or not)?

Many thanks!
  • coh33d

Searching for a plush!

Hey everyone! I was recently told that I needed a good sized plush to help me sleep, and I agree!
Ok, so I am looking for the 1:1 Pikachu Tomy plush (Part 3). There's one on ebay, but I could never afford anything near what they are asking for it.. As soon as I saw it though, I knew I needed it in my life.
(Photo from the eBay seller)

Edit: The chicken nugget's owner came down on the price, so it will be mine! :"D

Also a few updates!
I have been departing with a lot of my collection, but that doesn't mean I'm not collecting anymore! I just really want to down size a lot of my possessions (even outside of Pokemon).
With that said, I have a binder and a half of my lifelong TCG collection. It only contains Holos, Promos, and EX/GX cards. I don't have the time to sell each individually, but I'm not really sure how to go about selling them.
Also I will be putting up a Pikachu 64 with original controller for auction soon so keep an eye out!

Enjoy the eclipse today, if you're able to see it!
espurr, Cecil

Pokemon Card Collection

I know I shared with all of you my collection, but in the pictures I only had my binder open to two pages for my cards. I didn't feel like taking them all out to display... so I thought I'd make a separate post for them for anyone interested in seeing them! There's about 750 of them.

Again, I mainly only know my JAKKS stuff, therefore I know nothing about these cards, so feel free to tell me stuff about them if you'd like! I only collected cards for the art, so they've been sitting in this binder ever since I opened them up from their packaging. There's a few used cards in there that I got from yard sales though. (Also I'm pretty sure about 1/3 of these are fakes. I had gotten some from a market for real cheap and someone told me so, but then again I don't know how to tell them apart.)

I separated them in this post by type and such so you're not overwhelmed with images. WARNING, this post IS image heavy! Sorry if this appears in your inbox (since cuts automatically uncut themselves)! I'd recommend viewing it on the front page of the PKMNcollectors community or deleting it if you don't want to be bombarded.

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  • ku_bek

Eeveelus Puttitos arrived!

Hello everyone!

Puttitos arrived so it's time for totals!

Please take a note - I'm REALLY BUSY with my real life now so it may take me EVEN UP TO 2-3 WEEKS TO SHIP THESE OUT!
There's about 30 orders so please be patient, thanks for understanding!
I'll contact you once your package is shipped!


eeveerafa, miniterasu, chaos_21, leafeonprincess. jadekitty777, tdotakichan, tsutarjafan_18, eeveelover91, hokeypokeyboop,
doryphish333, raymence, brunnera93, diamondphantom, revarrie, ssjvap, squeeekz, deranged_girl, emeraz, eevee_evs_lover,
elcardenal12, lycanrocs, lilypawpads, tsukasa_kenji, aiku_kun, chibi_arcanine, reiadarkim, mightyena_mad_7, bwtone, puckyducky,
eevee_kins, tatsumikurosaki


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And that's it, thanks for looking!

Sales reminder and collection update!

Hi everyone!

I haven't posted in a while but I hope you are all doing well :) I am still scouring items here and there to add to my collection. My latest addition was the X-Plus Charizard figure and it is a beauty!!

I have no space to display my entire collection right now so it is sitting comfortably in a box in my storage room (where the pic was taken).

I am doing my best to keep up with the latest releases and am eying a few. To help me prepare my wallet for my anticipated expenditures, I'd like to post a reminder to my sales :P

Please help me get rid of my stuff! Everything is negotiable and I'd really like to get rid of as much stuff as possible lol. Check it out! Thanks, all and hope you have a good day!

Mini Nanblock Series 2 GB!

I really want the raichu so I'm going to do a group buy for the whole set <3

We'll need to be quick though because it's the last box in stock and I'm worried it will sell out ;;o;;

I'll hold this open for 48 hours and then ask for payment 24 hours after that if we get enough claims so please be ready to pay on time!

With more claims the price of each figure will decrease!
In one box there is a complete set of all the figures!
I will NOT be getting more than one box, sorry.

Great Ball--(I'll take it if no one else wants it)

$7 Each

$10 each

Secret is $12--vulpeslagopus

Thanks everyone! Sales permission below the cut <3

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ISO - Tomy articulated Greninja

Hello! :)
I hope you can help me, I'm searching for this little guy here!

It can be basic Greninja or Ash's Greninja, I don't care! There's no need to be new, it can be even broken (I know how to repair). I just need it to have a good price with shipping (shipping costs to my country on eBay are just unreasonable!!)

Thanks for help! ❤

In search of Pokemon World Championships merchan

Hello PKMNCollectors!

This weekend has held the Pokémon world championship and I am interested in acquiring merchan, in addition what I look for with more commitment is the shirt in size M.
So if someone sells merchan I'm interested in buying it :)

BTW, I asked for my sales permit several months ago but I have not heard from anyone, does anyone know how long the approval is usually delayed? :(