August 23rd, 2017

sales and want post reminder

Hello everyone! :D

Sales permission granted byareica96 on February 27th, 2017 (Pokemon Day!)
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Items are shipped from ITALY
I ship internationally
I ship within 2 - 3 business days. I will always contact you when your item is physically in the mail and I will provide a tracking number.
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Non-smoking home and I haven't animals


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  • j_ule

In search for Charizard Tomy and Charmander Build a Bear


Some may think that I got lost somewhere along the line or don't even collect anymore (do some of you even know I exist? :D). But that's not the case! I am still collecting, but I've concentrated on other stuff within the last couple of months and also been extremely busy, so I haven't had much time to be on here at all.

Anyway, my two main wants at the moment are these two guys:

The new Charizard Tomy and the Build a Bear Charmander.

Now, I know I know, these guys can be found on ebay!
However, as some of you might know, I try to collect preowned stuff (because of environmental and ethical reasons) whenever possible, and so I thought I would try my luck here first.

Also, I'm looking for both of them for somewhat reasonable prices.

So if any of you got either one of these, please hit me up :)

Quick Sale - Espeon Pouch/Coin Purse

Hi guys! I have a quick sale today - an Espeon coin purse made by serenitysama.

I'm looking for 35 OBO, which is about what I paid.

I have other sales here -


And here is a link to my store!

I have a question for you guys too, is Silvally's body more brown or grey? I personally see it more as grey, but it's getting hard to tell with the mix of fanart and official artwork.

I made two sprites for two different customers- one wanted grey and one wanted brown. Which do you think looks more accurate?

Grey Silvally -
Brown Silvally -

Poll #2071762 What Color is Silvally?

What Color is Silvally?

Something in Between