August 26th, 2017

My Next Pokemon Plush Update

Well been awhile since I gave you an update on my collection. Got a few more things since my last update last year. Here they are right here. I'll post the close-up images below this. Hope you enjoy and feel free to show me your collections below. :)

DA Link:

[Individual Plush Pictures]

Greeting everyone!

Hello everyone. :D I've just joined this wonderful community. I'm a colletor far and wide of Pokemon Plushies, Card posters and the like. I'm hoping to expand upon my collection! (Sorry about the bad quality pictures, been awhile since I organized my stuff)

It's a pleasure meeting you all!

Quick Hello

Hey everyone! I just joined and I'm excited to share and expand my collection here. My name is Boon, and I do art commissions as well as collecting pokemon! Eventually I'll get around to sales, but until then, here's a peek at my collection!

Of course, I have more stuff, but that takes up the bulk of my collection ;D I have approximately 4 more plushies and a ton of misc. pokemon stuff, but i can always add that too another post.
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Cubone Collection Help

Hey everyone! Right now I am putting a wishlist together for my Cubone collection and I'm trying to figure what items prominently feature Cubone designs from these two older promotions. I've written down what I know about and I would appreciate any corrections or additions from more experienced collectors.

Pokémon Time (2010)
-figure strap
-bookmark (pattern with Cubone and bones--not sure if there are multiple designs?)
-square-shaped sticker
-die-cut sticker (part of a tin full of stickers that was released in a later year)

Pokémon Hanafuda (2014?)
-the actual Hanafuda card
-rubber strap

I am also currently actively looking to purchase the Cubone rubber strap from the upcoming Halloween promotion. If anyone is planning to do claims for these and will have a Cubone avaliable I could grab, or otherwise knows where I can get one, please let me know! (also: curse blind bagged products)

Sales again ^^"

Hello again lovely pokemon collectors!! ^^ I hope everyone have had amazing summers and are settling into everyday life again :) I certainly am and it feels good to work and study again :D I barely had any shifts this month though, hence the month long vacation, and I could really need a bit more money so I figured I'd try posting my sales again :) I lowered a few prices and as always I'm very open to reasonable haggling <3 ^^

And a million thanks to everyone who bought and helped me out the last time <333 I got to go on a wonderful vacation and could buy a surprise or two that will be posted here along with my full eevee collection showcase in December :) There's just something releasing/shipping then that I really want to include when I do my collection showcase~! <3 ^^ But wow I've been a member here for 5 years now! Time sure flies! And I'm getting old hahaha!
Back to the point though, I am going to leave feedback for everyone little by little <3 (rn it seems the feedback system is down?) Thank you to everyone who were so very sweet to leave feedback for me, you will be the first ones I leave feedback for <33 I truly appreciate everyone's purchases immensely and I hope that you're all LOVING your new pokemon items ^^

Also to ying1002 and latias_latios_7 your packages are going out either tonight or monday <3 Thank you SO very much for your patience!!


I received sales permission by entirelycliched 27/7/13.
My feedback can be found here

- I ship from Norway to anywhere in the world.
- Prices are in USD

- Prices for non-flat parcels (guiding as the currency rate changes):

o Small letters under 2cm can be shipped very reasonably for about 2-4 dollars on average but few items except the smallest figures and flats measure under 2 cm. This is quite reasonable so I won't list all price classes.

o Price chart for bigger  Medium sized letters (2-7 cm) and (>7 cm) :

o Packages in big cardboard boxes are much more and start at $30. Goes for all BIG plush like a lifesized plush or plush that are generally large of size. Please ask for quote.

- I can't be held responsible for lost items unless you purchase tracking as there's usually not much the PO's are willing to do with lost untracked mail. However I've never had a lost package :)

- Items come from a dog friendly home, please keep in mind if you have allergies.
- People asking for quotes will have 24 hours to reply to their quote and claim an item or the item goes on to the next person interested.
- This sales post is to raise funds but I might be open to trades for high wants, my wishlist can be found here :3
- I'll usually ship within a 1-2 weeks and I'll let everyone know once their items are shipped so you know when to expect them! :)
- I've pretty much completely run out of mailers and boxes to reuse this time so packing material will be a $0,5 extra added to all the quotes this time. Hope that's ok <3

- Customers are required to cover paypal fees.
- Some of the items might still be cross listed on ebay, which I have to give priority if the items get bids.
Please be aware that items might not be available due to human mistake.

- Since I've changed my rules I want to do the password thingy this time :) Please write "Ice cream" somewhere in your comment to let me know you've read and are ok with everything :3 If you don't write the password I won't be difficult but if you've missed the rules it's your own responsibility to catch up on things written here ;)

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Thank you so much for looking ^^ Have a nice day/evening/night <3

Pokedoll collection update

Hi everyone I finally have a collection update! I told myself I would stop buying pokedolls after getting clefairy but that didn't happen lol. My newest pokedolls are jigglypuff which I bought from a friend who was nice enough to let me do a payment plan and teddiursa and noctowl which I got from a large lot off eBay (I'll be posting the extras for sale soon)I'm currently looking for some of the more rarer ones but I'm going to get a job first before I start buying again lol
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Collection Weeding Part 3: Figures, Plush, & Other Auctions and Sales!

Hello everyone :]

This is the final part of my collection weeding for this summer. This is everything else that I have sorted through, and lumped into one big post. Like the title suggests, there's a mix of figures, plush, and some other things like charms and keychains.

You can combine anything here with my old sales or my previous auctions. My Main Sales Page and the previous collection weeding auctions can be found here with the following links:
Main Sales Page -
Part 1: Stamps -
Part 2: Flats -

Please be aware I will not ship flats and non-flats together! I will only ship flats and non-flats together if the items require a box.

The auction will end Thursday, August 31, at 6:00 PM EST/Detroit Time.
Countdown timer: >HERE<

NOTE 1: Please be patient when awaiting a response from me. My response time will be slower than usual because I am working on a big project and preparing for class :(
NOTE 2: I will be out of town from Thursday evening until late Saturday morning. Please send payment within the time frame specified in my rules. All US packages will be mailed Saturday, Sept. 2, while any non-US packages will be mailed Tuesday, Sept. 5, because of the Monday holiday.

*Tag you're it: pokechris99*

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Thank you for taking look and for your interest! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! And for those in the path of Hurricane Harvey, stay safe!
Until next time,
- ^ 〰 ^ - kuro‏