August 29th, 2017

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Grail get + Pokebox update + Want reminder <3

Hello everyone! I want to share an awesome grail I received in the mail the other day with you! Here's a little preview. <3

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I haven't seen anyone mention it here yet so I thought I'd just let you know (if you didn't already) that Pokebox updated with brand new items, including the most adorable Noibat and Lopunny plushies I've ever seen! They also made a Braixen but it has already sold out. I don't want anyone who loves either Noibat or Lopunny to miss out on these perfect cuties. <3  I ended up buying Noibat for myself and Lopunny for a friend, I'm super excited for those to arrive. c:

Also, just a quick reminder that I'm still looking for a MWT Pokemon Time Buizel plush! I'm in Australia so if it's possible to send it straight to me without a middleman I'd really appreciate it (shipping costs are such a killer) but someone super duper lovely has offered to be an American middleman if worse comes to worse. Please let me know if you're wanting to send on a floating orange cutie onto a new and loving home! <3

Hope you have a good week! C:

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Wait. Did Build-a-Bear change the Eevee design?

I was on eBay looking at the Eevee build a bear and I saw maaaaany different Eevee buildabears, non of which resembled the one I bought on the left. Are these a new design?

The purple eyes are gone, the nose doesn't sink into the fabric. Even the mouth looks more pronounced. All n all I'm kind of jealous of the Eevee on the right, it just looks BETTER. What's the deal? Or is it a fake? I'll add some more photos below...

Pokemon "Mini Clip" - Grabby figures?

(images under the cut)
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Hi guys! I wanted to share with you pretty much a "question" (or prehaps more so of a "request" perhaps) I have.
...I really don't have much information on these figures, so I guess that's what i'm looking for! Information of any kind!!

I tried searching "pokemon mini clip" but it didn't seem to provide the search I'm looking for. There is a lot of japanese text that I can't understand, so I guess maybe if someone here knows more about these figures/can translate that would be a great help! I'm really wondering if there was a "part 3", I'm sure there was also a "part 1", but as you may be able to tell I have relatively no information on anything else beyond this little paper insert of the "part 2". I had NO idea the gligar one even existed, so maybe I thought I would post this up too for anyone who is curious XD Thank you for looking! (thank you nosfurrettu!!)
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Big Sales Update + Some Prices Lowered!

I've added quited a few items to my sales post and have also lowered the prices of some items. I could really use some extra money right now so if you were in the market for anything please take a look!


I can combine these items with any items from any of my items from other sales posts:

Have a great day everyone!
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Poll: What are the Type(s) of Pokémon That You Mainly Collect?

Last night I was explaining how claims worked in this community to my friend, and made an offhand remark that I was glad I didn't collect Litten because claims for Litten items tend to fill up quickly. My friend replied with a quip about the popularity of cats, and automatically I said "no, I don't think it's that, fire types are just so popular" which got me thinking...are fire types just that popular? Which types of Pokémon are most popular with collectors?

So just for fun, here's a poll to see what types are most popular with collectors! Reply with the type(s) of the Pokémon that make up your main collections. Feel free to define "main collection" however you want and include as many Pokémon as you'd like. Let's see if this community prefers certain types over others!

Poll #2071957 What are the type(s) of Pokémon that you mainly collect?

What type(s) do you collect? (part 1)

(none of these!)

What type(s) do you collect? (part 2)

(none of these!)

Epic Rare Collection Update!! + New Huge Want

Hey guys!~ long time no post! I finally got everything set up on my new shelf for all my favorite plush and had to share before work!~ pic will be under the cut!

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Also, as some of you may know from my post on ffaf, I'm starting a milotic collection and I'm looking for custom plush :) I already have someone I'd like to commission for so I'm only looking to buy plush that are already made :) I'm mostly looking for pokedoll designs or big lifelike designs for hugs :D if anyone can help please let me know~

Thanks for reading~
Link to my updated wants list:
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MolluscMick's Tomy Collection Pics!

Hey everyone! This is my first post here ever.

I'm currently trying to complete my collection of 1st and 2nd gen authentic Tomy figures. I started collecting them in the late 90s when they were sold as multi-packs in Toys R Us and other places. I became obsessed with them and after I'd dried up the toy shops, I began buying them in bulk (but still in their original packaging) throughout the early 00s from a website I can only remember as being called "Pokemon Toys For Sale", where they were very reasonably priced (I guess they were still being sold in Pokemon Centres at the time). They didn't ship to the UK but I found a way. After that I discovered eBay... and the horrors found within... Huge bags of fake figures which I didn't think much of at first. It put me off collecting them for a long while until about 1 year ago I decided I would fulfil my childhood dream of catching 'em all (well, everything between Bulbasaur and Celebi).

For now I keep them in a big plastic tub, but I hope to change that soon!

Now I've got my Pokemon collecting backstory out of the way, I've got a load of figures to talk about, so I'll put everything else inside a cut.

WARNING: Image heavy!

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ISO: Games!

Hey y'all!! Long time no post. I stopped collecting for a while but I am back ❤️
I'm looking for some games! Leaf Green, Platinum, Soul Silver, and Emerald. Especially Leaf Green. I'm absolutely terrified of buying games from eBay because they might be fake/not saving anymore. I just feel much more comfortable buying games from y'all. Located in US.

And! Here's a picture of my newest friends to make this post a little more fun. Wartortle and giant Lapras!! ❤️

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Ebay sales!

I've posted all of my remaining sale items on eBay in lots, but I've also added a few things from my Vaporeon collection (to make room for some big plush coming!).

Sales permission March 2015 areica96

Ebay Link

If you see something you want that is for bidding, make an offer. I may accept if there aren't any current bids. I will also ship world wide through this group, even though my ebay is US only.