August 30th, 2017

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Pokemon you hate, you wind up loving~

Today I just received another want of mine: this JAKKS Purugly figure!

Now, like most times when a region comes out and new Pokemon introduced, I don't always like a lot of the Pokemon. This was true with Purugly. I never liked Purugly until about 1 month ago when I was going through like my 9th playthrough of Explorer's of Sky and allowed a Glameow be the first member of our little team. I've grown to love that Glameow and when he evolved I began to have an odd liking towards Purugly.

This has happened to me a bunch of times before! Either a game, someone's Pokemon character in a story, or the show warms my heart up to those Pokemon I once disliked or never generally thought about. It happened with a Meditite when I fell in love with the JAKKS figure of him and it happened with Grubbin when I happened to catch one in Moon and realize it's beautiful potential and personality.

What about you guys? Have your feelings about a certain Pokemon been changed because of something like this?
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Auction Reminder + A Couple of Questions

Hello everyone :)

Just a reminder that my auctions are ending tomorrow--Thursday, August 31, at 8:00 PM EST/Detroit Time. There's a little more than 24 hours left. Some items still don't have bids, and there's a few hard to find items up for bids. I also have some older items up for straight sale. Feel free to check it out! After Monday, September 5, or Labor Day, I will be closing my sales since classes have officially began. I have a lot going on this semester, so I need to focus on school ( ; v;)9

To be transported to the auction and sales, you can either click the preview link or the image below:

I also have a couple of questions.

Question 1: Is anyone having trouble posting comments to LJ?
>LJ's been really glitchy for me lately. It started acting up when I would click on a post's comments instead of the title. Now, whenever I post a comment, the page doesn't automatically update. I have to refresh the page for my comment to appear. Is this happening to anyone else?

(Dumb) Question 2: How do you set up an eBay selling account?
>I've had my account for years, but I've never used it to sell. I've already linked my Paypal account and gone through the selling preferences. Is there anything else left to do?

Thank you for taking a look, and thank you in advance for your help!
Until next time...happy collecting (-^w^-)
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Seeking these Colorful Eevee Center JP Pins (2017)

Yep, as said in the title. I'm specifically seeking the ones circled here:


Just Flareon and unfortunately, Leafeon. Unfortunate for Leafeon since I dropped it on the floor of my car and haven't been able find it since. :( Of course, it's the ONE I can't find anywhere either. Mostly disappointed about that so...yeah.

I did perk up a little later when I saw Lycanroc plush finally stocked on the US Pokecen site.

Time for Dessert! New collection update!

I received my pokemon dessert plate box today!! I fell in love with this promotion as soon as it was announced! This is my first time collecting non sylveon related items but I just couldn't resist! They are really tiny and they dont really feel like "high quality" plastic but I love them either way.I chose to collect the figures first since they are ADORABLE. I will collect the other items in this promo when my bank account is in better condition XD. Lets get started!

All of my babies looking adorable..and delicious. I won't lie I did sniff them to see if they had a scent to them (and eyed venusaur and it's delicious looking pancake. They shouldn't look this good to eat! )

Charizard is my second favorite figure and I wanted to eat this one as well! Its parfait cup is separate from the figure so you have to connect it at the bottom.

Blastoise is a cutie. Although not one of my favs, I love the color on the dessert. I also cannot tell if it's supposed to be ice cream or mousse or cake. Still looks yummy!

Audino is cute and i love the syrupy stuff on the figure. One syrup ribbon is bigger than the other so im not sure if this was intentional or not.

As much as I love eevee this is my least favorite. I feel like the gelatin star is too plain and the crystal star piece WILL NOT stay on. Im not sure if this was intentional either but the star always falls off. Very annoying.

The 'pixes! Im loving the color on the cake thing but upon closer inspection alolan vupix has different size legs lol

This snorlax head dessert is really cute and I love the whipped cream on top.

This fig' right here is what made me get this collection in the first place. I LOVE the bright colors and how realistic it looks. my pikachu has a red circle on top of its head though. I dont know if that was intentional either. Also you have to connect the figure to the bottom of the plate.

Last but not least MY FAVORITE!! Venusaur looks so delicious and the syrup looks so real! I really like the flower adornment on the pancake. No flaws on this one!

I hoped you guys enjoyed my little update and tell me your favorite one!
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Japanese Lycanroc (Midday) Tomy Figure VS American Lycanroc (Midday) Tomy Figure

I recently placed an order with to get the new Lycanroc (Midday) figure from Tomy. Unfortunately the Midnight form is not in stock yet so I couldn't order it.

I got my order in the mail today and took some comparison photos with the original Japanese release figure. They do have some pretty noticable differences!

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sales update~

Hey everybody! I've updated my sales post and lowered some prices! Feel free to take a look!

shiny collections.jpg

-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/6/2014.
-My Feedback:

I've also updated my wants page, I'm just looking to trade at the moment! I'll also consider trading customs with other artists/plushmakers ^-^
here's my main wants plus a link to the wants section of my collection site~


Wants: Tohoku renewal secret card

Hi all! I am looking for the clear cards that were given out in Pokemon centre for Tohoku renewal. I know there are some on YJ but they are all singles and the deputy fees are going to kill me if I am getting a whole set x_x

Please let me know if you have any for sale and if you have seen someone selling them. Thank you so much in advance!


Also, I have a non-payer from my Rowlet strap pick up :( It is the bottom left one with the bragging face. Would be $7.5 shipped worldwide if anyone would like to buy it.

Sold, thanks!