November 1st, 2017

I Finally found my Grail!

Hello everyone! I hope each of you had a fun and safe Halloween.
I am here to share my joy with all of you. After years of searching and constantly checking all sites in hopes of finding it, I finally found one of my grails...

That's right! it is the European Bandai Figure of Sceptile.
I was a little concerned at first as the packaging showed what I can assume its Japanese text, and i thought it might be a bootleg as the cardboard was missing and I couldn't find the Bandai logo anywhere. After speaking with the seller, he sent me a picture of the text under the figure and it was legit. I'm so happy I finally have this figure to complete my Hoenn starters evolution line. I found Blaziken thanks to one of the members in the community who was so kind to sell it to me, and the rest in Ebay.

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Thanks for looking!

Christmas charm GB

Hi all! It’s been such a long time since I have posted! Has everyone been well? I come here today for a Christmas charm group buy! I did my math and it’s only $3.90 per charm! This is great because these were blind packaged last year. (booooo!)
There will only be 2 payments, one for the seller and then shipping from me to you! This ends Tomorrow so let’s try to get this thing!

I was granted sales permission by allinia 06-11-14

My home is smoke free

I can try shipping international!

I ship from the USA


1) Eevee
2) Litten
3) Hoot Hoot
4) Delibird
5) ponyta
6) furret
7) driffloon

1) flygon

1) rowlet

1) vulpux

1) pikachu

Recent gets and whatnot

Hello beautiful people :-3 I hope you had a good halloween yesterday if you celebrate it. If not, I hope you had a good tuesday I guess haha :-P

Today I wanna show off some recent gets of mine (lugia pokedoll grail finally!), and ask a few questions in regards to some of the things. Super large images under the cut cause im too lazy to resize pics from my phone T-T haha

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november sales!!!

I'm back... and I have some more updates and added stock!!!

Below is seller information and pictures from the store. :D


Sales permission given in 2010 through denkimouse
Seller feedback can be found >>> HERE <<<
★ Items will be shipped with bubble wrap and in manilla envelopes!!!
★ I am a fast shipper in the United States and I will ship international!
★ Please do not back out of sales. You will then be banned from future sales and claims.

There are some other miscellanous items as well -- check it out!!!


Feel free to ask for more photos of certain items :D

ALSO JUST WANTED TO NOTE: Shipping for international orders or larger items might be incorrect -- let me know if interested in a shipping quote! Otherwise, thanks for the interest and support, all! I'll be shipping packages out tomorrow. : )