November 3rd, 2017

Aerodactyl LP: Music!
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question? + sales plug

Hi everyone! Does anyone have any of the Pokeballs from Bandai's Ball Collection? They look like this.

I was hoping someone could tell me what material they're made from. Are they metal or are they just plastic? I'm thinking of maybe preordering some of the upcoming sets (I want the Luxury and Lure Balls OTL), but I want to check first.

And here's a little sales plug. Still got lots of stuff available. As usual, please feel free to make an offer if you're interested in anything. Thanks, everyone!

Anyone plan on doing any holiday season swaps? :3

Hello lovelys! Today I was wondering, is anyone planning on hosting any gift swaps of sorts for the christmas season? I don't know for sure but I vaguely recall one being held last year maybe?? Haha. I don't know if it requires any mod involvement or permission of sorts, and I don't think I would be a good host so I suppose I'm just looking to see if anyone else has plans ^^; Haha. To make this post a lil more interesting here is what I got in the mail today below the cut! ^^
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Running Snorlax

Giant Luigi Pika Plush Questions

Hey all! I saw this picture and noticed someone familiar in the background but with a slight difference, he’s HUGE!

Was he ever for sale or is he just for Junichi? :( ooooor is he coming to sale soon?
It’s looking like it was made for gamefreak!

Looking for info and possibly a preorder page for him. Lol

Collection Update + Seeking Authenticity Help

I've been able to expand my collection since my first post showing it off, which you can view here!

A rather long awaited addition was the 2008(?) Halloween Croagunk plush, which I thought I could never get my hands on due to how old it was. I quickly snapped it up from ebay when I saw the listing, however I want to be sure that I have the real deal. More pics for identification purposes under the cut.

It's legit! Thanks everyone for your help!

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Thanks for the help, and I hope you all have a happy Friday!


Hi everyone! I still have a few things for sale that I'm trying to clear out.


Umbreon Jumbo GX - 4
Tsareena Jumbo GX - 4
Notebook featuring spring pokemon - 7
3DS case (Xerneas on opposite side and missing zipper) - 4
May's bandana - 5

Thank you to everyone who bought all of my tins! It cleared up a ton of space :D

I also have card sleeve trades here:


All of these are available for trade!
Top two rows are also for sale - 1$ per sleeve with 3$ min purchase
32 Pikachu sleeves are for sale for 6.50$
50 Ho-Oh sleeves are for sale for 5.00$

Sales permission granted by entirelycliched 19 Feb 2013

(I also have a Snivy tin and custom team valor t-shirt for sale- if anyone wants pics please ask)

This is a link to my store - I haven't been advertising much since I've been drowning in school work but please note that commissions are still open. I have several open orders right now so wait time may vary for new commissions. If you're interested, just send a message!