November 4th, 2017

Mewtwo and Mew

Gets, New Display, and Japan Collecting Tips?

I haven't showed off my gets in months! Since my last gets post, I even got my own apartment, so now I can show off my merchandise in all its glory!

I'm also going to Japan at the end of the month for the first time ever! So I have some Poké-questions for y'all at the end of my post!

But first, the photos!
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I want to finish off my post with a few questions!

What are some Pokemon merchandise lines with a food theme?
I'm becoming totally obsessed with these! Off the top of my head, I know of the Re-Ment sets, Pokemon Dessert Plate, PokéNeco DOLCE, Pikachu Tea Party, and merchandise from the Pokémon Cafés.

Also, I have some questions for my first ever trip to Japan!
  • Are there any more plans for Pokémon pop-up cafés in Japan? I'd love to go to one while I'm there!

  • What are some good shops to hunt for Pokemon merchandise? I'm looking for old plush, figures, and zukan, as well as the Pokemon food merchandise mentioned above. I'll be in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto, among others.

  • Will Pokemon Halloween merchandise still be available in Pokemon Centers by the end of the month?

  • I would love to hear any Japan recommendations or tips! Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Lastly, if anyone else is in Japan in late November/early December, I would love to meet up! :D

Thank you for reading!


A sad lion cub loss + looking for some fire lion cubs

Hello community sorry I have been so off and on here.
There hasn't been much merch I've wanted to buy recently but after seeing the US/UM trailer I am very much hyped! Not sure if I am going to aim to collect all Ultra 'galeo like when Sun came out. But do plan on purchasing the Ultra plush and figure and maybe a few things.

But on another note a while back I bought a Litleo Tretta on eBay (big mistake already, I know). They never shipped my item despite my many messages. They actually have seemed to deactivate :/ and I am still waiting on my refund.

Sooo to sum up I was wondering if anyone here has the Litleo Tretta? And is willing to sell to me? When I purchased the item it was $7.99 USD and I am waiting for that refund. If you do have one or know where I can purchase one please do comment. I am slightly tempted to try Y!JP but I have never made a purchase on there nor do I really do bids. It really is a tad intimidating to approach imo, but I just might if I want this item.

I also spotted a sort of stamp/inc set? Back from XY and it seems to have a sort of Litleo stamp? I think haha

(if you need the image removed or credited feel free to tell me)
Litleo is on the left-hand side. I'm not too sure what this set really is I just assume it's a sort of stamp set cause of the inkpad.
Any info or if you're selling the Litleo please let me know! These are the only two items I am missing of my lil fire cub! ;w; thank you!

I am interested in buy or trading these items.

Link to my latest sales
Cutesy Kura Icon

Sales Update/Reminder

I've added some more items to my sales post such as regional pokemon center charms, jakks plush and figures,mpc plush and more! I've also lowered the prices on a few items. Please take a look if anything is of interest.


Have a nice weekend everyone. ^^

My other sales posts can be viewed here:
  • mixie94

Sales post

Hi everyone, I really need to get rid of some stuff so I'm back with another sales post! :D

Sale Rules:
Sales permission granted on February 28th, 2016 by areica96
My Feedback->
-All community rules apply.
-I only accept Paypal as payment at this time
-I ship from North Carolina, USA and I'm willing to ship worldwide (but may take longer to ship out).
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or Paypal fees.
- I live in a smoke-free but pet-friendly home, please keep that in mind if you have allergies.
-First come, first served. I will hold quoted items up to 24 hours if no response is made within that period of time the items will be put back up for sale.
-Feel free to ask for more pictures if you need them.
-Don't edit your comments, if any edit is needed (for example you wanted to add more items to your order) then just reply to your comment.
-Make sure you give me your zip code (if in the US) or country (if you are international). If you don't include this information it will take longer on your quote.
-Please make sure to make it clear if you are committing to the items or asking for a quote. If you don't make it clear I will assume that you are committed to the items. If you're committed and back out negative feedback will be left.
-(If committed) Payment is expected within 48 hours after I give the total (a warning will then be issued). I am willing to hold items longer however if you don't pay by the agreed upon date I will leave negative feedback (holds=commitment).
-I'm open to haggling if you think my prices are too high (especially if you are buying multiple items). However please don't be offended if I decline.
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And of course, you are free to combine with items from my last sale posts:

Collection & Gets Post!

Hey all!

I've been mostly lurking since making a re-introduction post in September; I put off doing a collection post since I've been waiting on some packages to come in, and now I'm waiting on even MORE stuff from Y!J, buuuuut I think it's time for an update nevertheless, because I really want to show off my gets! They're pretty small, but I'm very excited about them! (Probably too excited haha)

For anyone who didn't catch my re-intro, my two main collections are Gloom and Jirachi. My Jirachi collection is considerably larger, but that's a matter of who has the most merch, not me playing favorites. I also have a small handful of other Oddish-Gloom-Vileplume line things, as well as a very VERY small mushroom Pokemon collection. Paras and Parasect are my favorites of that bunch. :V (I have mini-collections of other particular favorites, like Croagunk, and miscellaneous Grass- and Bug-types, but I'm trying to be more focused with my collecting going forward.)

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When it comes to the Pokemon I "officially" collect, I feel like my collections are very small-item-focused. I guess it makes sense since they're more accessible, since buying a handful of charms and little figures vs. plunking down a big chunk of change for a single plush tends to be a no-brainer for me! :1 I also love tiny items on their own merits-- after all, they're cute and relatively easy to store. There's just something about plush, though... You can't exactly cuddle a phone charm, lol.

And now, without further ado... On to the gets!

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As I mentioned before, I'm looking forward to the arrival of my first-ever Y!J purchases sometime this month- I admittedly went kind of buckwild after making a zenmarket account- so I'll be making another gets post when that arrives. I'm also working on a sales post, since I'm looking to downsize a bit and focus on my main collections.

Thanks for reading, and hope you have a good weekend!

New Ho-oh plush! (?) just released this Ho-oh plush, along with other Ho-oh/Lugia merch.
I think the lugia is the same as the Japanese plush from 2010, but is this Ho-oh a brand-new plush?

Here's the link for it:
Either way, I'm super hyped about this plush!! I don't buy many new things any more, but as Ho-oh is one of my top 10 favorite Pokemon, I'm finally excited that a nice, easily obtainable (for US residents) plush has been released. :D

Note: you're allowed to post more than once per 24 hours if it's about new merch.

New Year's and It's Demo goods

Hi guys. I mailed most of the Vulpix orders and got the Xmas goods but didn't bother to calculate any shipping totals with them yet because I was pooped after all the Vulpix orders and it was my birthday weekend!

So It's Demo goods are coming out this week! AND THEY ARE SOOO CUTE~
Please click on the photo below. There is an It's Demo in Namba so I'll try to get as many goods as I can but I can't promise I'll get everything.

Also new year goods are coming out! Please click here for items and prices.

Also I accidently bought an extra Vulpix. Please give her a home!
I also have a Koffing ditto gachapon if anyone wants him for $6. Please check out my sales:

Sales permission granted by areica96
-I ship from JAPAN


-Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
-Please pay in 24 hours after final quote
-Please let me know if you want tracking added for $4.00. Insurance cannot be added to airmail. You have to pay for EMS express shipping to get tracking and insurance.
-I can't be held responsible for lost items if you did not pay for tracking or insurance.
-I will ship within 3-7 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
-Prices stated do not include shipping or fees. Please ask for a shipping quote.
-Shipping is from Japan. I will ship international!