November 7th, 2017

  • coh33d

.99 auctions reminder!

Hey everyone!
I'm posting a reminder that my auctions end in three days!
All of the bids are still pretty low, so don't miss out on this opportunity to get some awesome Pokemon!
All end around 1 PM Central, and are free shipping within the US.
Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any :D
*I was granted Sales Permission on (8/8/12) by Allnia*

Click here for a link to the auctions!
Or click the photos to be directly transported!

Dragon hunt

Hi guys long time no see, been offline a lot and the other half asked me to hold back on buying so much pokemon stuff from here ^^;

Im curious though as to what Noivern and Nidoking merch is out there. Always been a fan of these guys, but only recently decided that I would love to start having them as a side collection. Could any of you link me/show me what cool stuff exists of them. Looking mainly at plushies and figures or keychains.

Also have I missed anything new of Torracat and Mudsdale at all?
  • flotton

Over 100 electric sheep!


Finally I did it!
I reached over 100 Mareeps this month after the package from arisamon came elevating my total collection to 101!
Not only that, but a rare Mareep retsuden stamp came in the package! It really is a great achievement, as i cannot find another Mareep line collector with this specific stamp.
This stamp is the blue johto retsuden stamp from (what i believe to be) 2003.

Im currently waiting for several packages for my collection, and besides the stamp hadnt really got anything rare or interesting.
I also have a spare Flaaffy onemuri makura without a blanket, and had no luck finding a blanket for it

Here the webpage link, like always (im glad people enjoy my work on this site!)

Anyway, hope you all have a nice day ^^

updated plush sales and gets

first off I have updated my sales page with a whole new bunch of plush please check it out!
Theres pokecen plush, pokedolls and its demo!


I just received these cuties in the mail today and I cant stop smiling at magikarps little derpy face! I only got him in the mascot size but I kind of wish I got the larger one he is that cute. I also picked up the fluffy alolan vulpix and she is a great size! I doubt she'll be much smaller than the life size one released next month. Has anyone else received theirs yet? What do you think of them? I'm a little disappointed by how firm the plush is, not squishy at all and some of the jons on the darker foot fur is a little rough and sharp where it joins, so I'm wondering if its just mine that is like this?? 

What are these? Grabby figures?

As the title suggests, I'm after some info on these little figures!

They're about an inch tall, the first five in the row have heads that turn all the way around, manaphy's feet turn, gliscor's tail part turns and pachirisu doesn't move. I saw a post recently about "grabby" figures but now I can't find it, when I search online for grabby figures these don't show up so I'm wondering if anyone has any info ^^ I'm assuming they're from the diamond/pearl/heargold/soulsilver era because of the spiky eared pichu.

Thanks ^w^

Figure Help - Stain Remover

Hey guys! I temporarily put these two figures in my jean pocket, and the clothing stained them. I've been trying to remove the marks and so far nothing is working. I've tried soap and water, regular erasers, alcohol, and baking soda. Any tips? Unfortunately it looks a lot worse irl. If you have links to specific products I could try it'd be very much appreciated!

Also, what's at Nintendo World right now? I'll be going this week.
Running Snorlax

Bootleg Magical Clock! (Fake Listings)

Hey all! I’ve noticed something kind of disturbing on eBay. So far there have been two listings both from different sellers selling the same item, the rare Pokemon Magical clock! They only show the box and not the actual clock and they are from China. This screams bootleg. Also the price is just extremely sketchy.

So be careful! If you’re looking for this clock, I wouldn’t jump at these. They just aren’t sitting right with me. :/

It looks like these are most likely fake or scam listings!