November 10th, 2017

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Christmas Pokemon Plush at Walmart!

I went into Walmart today and found that the Christmas Pokemon plush were out!

I'm not a fan of Cubchoo, but this one's really cute! <3 Also there was a Pikachu with a santa hat, but there was a lot of people crowded in that area, so I just took a quick few pics and ran off, haha.

Just thought I'd let everyone know! Have a great day~

BUILD-A-BEAR Bulbasaur Accessories Revealed

Here are the accessories for the Build-A-Bear Bulbasaur. THEY LOOK SOO CUTE!!!

This guy comes out tomorrow, Nov. 11, 2017, in the U.S. and Canada
(Original release date was Nov. 16, 2017, but it got pushed back earlier). :D
The U.K. and Denmark will get them on Nov. 15.

He is available to pre-order on Build-A-Bear's US Website.

Pre-Order Here:


Pokeshopper also confirmed the news as well.

Ebay Sales

Hi all, I haven't been collecting at all in the past months. Unfortunately I don't have any pokemon collection updates :c However, I am selling more of my collection to make room and to spread things out more so it doesn't look so cluttered! Some of the things listed are; complete dialga line zukans, complete palkia line zukans, complete rayquaza line zukans, pokedoll straps both MIP and used, Giratina Jakks, Rayquaza and Giratina figure lots, and more. I may be listing my entire Lunala collection too. If there's anything else from my pokemon collection that you want, I may be selling it. So please send me an email with the thing you're looking for and we can work something out! My collection site. Here's some photo previews of the ebay items;
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All can be found HERE (ebay is yveltai)

-Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96
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Hiya there!  I've added a bunch of new items to my sales, as well as some custom Eeveelution charms I've made!

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I also have custom Eeveelution charms I made.  They're 1.5 inches, printed on clear acrylic, and have the shiny version on the back!  They're listed on my storenvy (, and I can combine shipping with my pkmncollector sales.
I also have sticker versions listed in my shop that I can include as freebies for purchases over $10.
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Build-a-Bear Bulbasaur Plush out in Aus!!

He was released today in Australia, earlier than anywhere else in the world! I was luckily on my way into the city to do chores when I found out so I was able to get him right away. He should be releasing in the US on the 16th I've heard? Sometime next week at least! More photos and info under the cut!

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I hope everyone's having a great day! c: