November 15th, 2017

Small sales/offers!

Hello everyone!

I'm here today with just a few small sales.
Some tcg codes, mcdonald tcgs, a Banette chess piece for offers, a zukan, and a mix lot of plush, figures, charms, etc!

Also, I forgot in my long wore out sleepyness of last night a couple pokedolls I was gonna add to my sales! xD;
There's some Genesects pokedoll and items and a JPN Zoroark pokedoll!

Sales preview picture!
Click the cuts to see them better!

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And lastly, I have these charms ordered

and I will be looking for a home for Vulpix. I plan to keep the other two and hang them on my xmas tree, but I don't really want Vulpix ^^;
So she is up for claim!

CLAIMED: hokeypokeyboop
She will be $6 before shipping, wont need to pay until I get it!

Belated Sales

granted sales permission on 3/17/2013 by allinia
- All pkmncollectors Rules apply
- I only except paypal as payment USD only
-All prices Do not include shipping cost and paypal fees . Please ask for a quote :)
- I ship to Canada,and USA
- I can combine shipping
- I recycle shipping materials. If this is a problem id be happy to buy new shipping materials for your package but, it will up shipping costs.
- I always keep shipping receipts as proof of shipment!
- You will be notified when I ship your package.
- Shipping is more expensive internationally, I ship from Canada.

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Kura pokedoll

Sales Reminder. ^^

I've added a new 2017 Pokemon Center Holiday Pikachu charm to my sales post and have many items left over from before for sale. So please feel free to take a look if anything is of interest! I'd love to clear some of these things out.


My other sales posts can be viewed here:

Have a good day everyone~
Chillarmy - Shiny
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[Pick-Ups] Game Day Release Surprise Ditto Charms (and more charms!)

Hello everyone!

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The Daisuki Club just announced a couple items that will be coming out at all Pokemon Centers and Stores in Japan on November 17th, and I am more than happy to pick them up for anyone interested!

There will be six sets of Ditto charms coming out November 17th. Each set comes with three charms. The front has normal faces and the back has ditto faces.

The six sets are:
Eevee, Vulpix, Vaporeon, Pichu, Clefairy Bulbasaur

Each set of charms will be $15 USD + shipping.

Next up - new large acrylic charms!

There will be four in total: Necrozma, Dusk Necrozma, Dawn Necrozma, and Dusk Lycanroc.

Each charm will be $11 USD + shipping.

This cute little keyring based on the one owned by Sophocles in the game will go on sale Nov 17th!

1 keyring will be $13 USD + shipping.

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If you already have an order with me and would like to add to it, just let me know!

Thanks for looking and have a great night/day~
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A giant get!

I haven't posted anything lately due to my cross country move, anyway, I'm finally at the new location although our furniture and household goods haven't arrived... Still staying at hotel with my (very unhappy) dog, but I received a large package yesterday, it's the seven-eleven limitted edition HUGE laying Eevee plush!
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Here's me holding the plush. I don't have the original Kuji plush with me, can't take a picture for comparison...

This is the first time I'm using Zen market to place the order, everything went smoothly except for one thing, the weight of the package. Zen market informed me that the package was 2010g, but there's a sticker on the box put on by the post office showing 2000g. The 10g difference can mean $10+ when it comes to shipping... I'm very confused. Should I email them to ask about it?
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I also noticed that there's a large card board in my package, which did nothing but added weight to the package. From my previous experience working with other deputy services, they've always tried their best to decrease the weight of the package, especially when it's very close to a critical number, like in this case, 2000g. I'm unable to weigh the package myself since I'm staying at hotel, I'll keep the box and weigh it myself when I can for sure. This is not a very big deal but it's still making me uncomfortable. It might just be my problem, I'm being too skeptical about this...