November 18th, 2017


Hello Community!

Well, the pins have arrived!

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If you have participated in claiming now is the time for shipping charge! Simply leave your zip in comments. In the paypal note, PLEASE leave your LJ un, as well as your shipping address.

》 Pins will be shipped out after all payment is recieved, I am looking to get these out en route prefferably before the U.S Thanksgiving holiday.

》 Sales Permission granted by areica96</span> on February 28 2016th

Here is my feedback:

》 Will do US as well as International shipping! Please be aware that this will see a slight increase in fees and possibly ahipping

》 Please post clearly indicating which pin you'd like to commit to.

》 Depending on the number of pins in each set, price will be determined as such:

Price ÷ Number of pins per Set

》 Flat payment for pins/paypal (which will be included) fees are needed up front, shipping will be charged once they arrive. However, if something is wrong with the shipment, or in the case an item sells out, payment will be refunded promptly instead.

Here are the sets:

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Updated sales!

I'm back with another sales update! I've been gradually selling off some of my card collection and I still have plenty of MWT plush available! I've also decided to part with my Soul Silver game. If anyone needs stock, I'm open to selling as a discounted lot. Come check it out! <3



In other news, I finished paying off something VERY exciting recently! I'll be making a post about it after MFF(Does anyone here go?) along with other things I'd like to share! It may call for a reintroduction, as I haven't had the time to be as active as I'd like to be. I've come a long way in the collecting community, and I'd really like to start sharing more and participating again outside of sales. :) I'll have more time(For now!)
Until then! I can't wait to share my super special something! <3