November 19th, 2017

Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Box Keychains

Greetings the all-knowing community! I knock on your doorstep with...a humble "most likely someone will have this item on-hand" show-and-tell request.

Has anyone purchased a copy of Ultra Sun and or Ultra Moon with the respective mascot keychain inside the box? In the U.S., there's copies sold with keychains at Target and Walmart, better known as "Starter Bundles" (comes with a code for 12 Revives, too). I'm looking to purchase one of these versions, but am trying to reason out how long I can wait on the decision versus possibly missing out on the keychain. Yet, try as I might, I'm surprised to find I haven't found much of any definitive imagery of these keychains on the Internet (looking at you, Google and eBay).

NONETHELESS, WHERE ARE ARE POKé-COLLECTORS, THERE ARE BOUND TO BE ANSWERS. <3 If anyone can point me in the right direction where I might find close-up photographs of these keychains themselves, I would super appreciate! Thank you so much!

Some gets + Other things and whatnot

Hi guys!! I think in my last post I said something about probably not posting anything until after christmas... welp I guess that didn't work hehe
I got some new things, and I have a question on some figures, and some other things!

Everything will be under this cut :3
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Anyways!! I hope you all have a good week. I am excited for thanksgiving, the entire christmas season just makes me really happy honestly!!

That's about it for now; Thank you for reading today! :3

Reintroduction & Collection

Hi all! I'm Carol. I recently realized that my only posts here were wants and I haven't really shown my collection. So here's a reintroduction!
As far as Pokemon goes, it's not that big right now but the collection is still growing and I have more coming ❤️
I collect general plushies (not just Pokemon) and anything cute! So they will be among many others. My current favorites are munchlax and snorlax. Love my hungrybois.

Collection pics:

[Spoiler (click to open)]

I tried to have a sleepy theme :P

I'm in love with Sanei all star plush and have more on the way ❤️

I have Espeon & Umbreon on the way!

Nice to meet you all!
Clefable and Megan

2016 PC Flareon Plush Tag

Does anyone have a good picture of the artwork on the tag for the 2016 Pokemon Center Flareon plush? It looks something like the picture below. I got the 2015 Flareon PC plush, but the tag art was different. I wanted a better quality picture of this Flareon to add to my fire Eevee flats :)


Just some small lot sales! Nothing too complex.+ Salandit Merch Seeking

Hello Guys, just trying to rally some funds to get me a copy of one of the new ultra sun moon games, haha. I get paid friday but I just cant wait that long, so figured I'd throw two lots together and see if there was any interest.

Also, if anyone knows of any upcoming salandit merch coming out let me know, but I kind of doubt it haha.

Really wish he would have gotten a kid figure release, I know he got the get figure but still.
Click the cut link, not the picture.

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Hello! I was wondering if anyone knew what this was? I was at the flea market and someone who used to collect had a bunch of various items had a stand, and this tin drew my eye. It reminded me of those first few tins that came out containing TCG packs, but this one seems to be a piggy bank? It has a coin slot at the top. I thought it might be bootleg, but decided to get it anyways since it's in good quality. Either way, I thought it was a pretty cool find!

Banette Chess Piece offer reminder!

Just a reminder in about 20 hours my offers for a Banette chess piece ends!
End time: Nov 20th @ 5pm EST

If you are interested, click the photo be taken to the post!

The post also has other items that are for sale!
Here's a preview! also some items not shown here, example, mcdonald diglett card and some tcg online codes

That's all for now!
Thanks for looking ^_^