November 20th, 2017

C&H Autumn
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I'm back now that my finals are over!

As you can see from my pic (can click to enlarge), this is almost everything I have left for sale. Some are listed on eBay, but as mentioned, they will either be taken down or increasing in price. I didn't do it before because eBay was having a promotion on for sellers so I left it to automatically relist by themselves this one time.

Sales Policy
- Sales permit granted by entirelycliched in 2013.
- Feedback link:
- Shipping is from Australia.
- All prices are in USD.
- Payments are required within 24 hours of total being given.
- Allergy advice: dog hair and dust may be present.
- Offers are now allowed for all items.
- If you are concerned about an item's condition, please ask before committing.
- Any backed out commitments will result in negative feedback and a possible ban from my sales.
- Purchases of $100 or more and to Canada will have tracking charged to their total by default.
- No insurance by default.
- Once a parcel has been shipped, I am not responsible for what happens to it.

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Adorable Killua

My Babies finally arrived!!! And Quick Pin, Charm, and Litten Weeding Sale

Ahhhh!!! Finally got my 1:1 vee’s from jpnstuffs!!!

And for anyone wondering, this is how they compare to the original P.C. giants! Entei is a little salty that he’s shorter than the pink fairy puff next to him.

Just some quick sales of some extra stuff I had around after weeding down my litten collection to things that were more meaningful to me.

Quick Rules:
1. Normal Pkmncollectors rules apply, first to commit gets first dibs.
2. Shipping from the US starts at $2.90 domestic, $11 to Canada, $13.50 international.
3. Prices listed under photos, do not include shipping or paypal fees. Post is ctrl+F friendly.
4. Backing out of a committed sale results in immediate negative feedback.
5. Sales permission granted: Aug 3, 2011 by denkimouse
6. Feedback:

Darumaka Pikachu 2016 New Years Charm:
Rowlet 2016 New Years Charm: $10
Rowlet 2016 US Christmas Pin *RARE*: $20
Pikachu 2017 Worlds Pin: $5
Dartrix US Pin: $7***
Decidueye US Pin: $7***
Rowlet 2017 Worlds Pin: $10 (Hold for chaos_21)
Lunala Pin: $7***
***willing to trade these pins for the US Flareon pin as it is equal value

2016 Litten Ramune Candy Pack: $12
2016 PC Rowlet, Litten, Pikachu, and Popplio Chocolate Chou Wrapper: $2
2017 PC Litten Lollipop: $3
2017 Skytree PC Sugar Butter Rusk Biscuit ft Pikachu, Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten: $3
2017 Lunala Can Badge: $10

Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US!!!

You guys!!! I can't believe what I found at a mall today!!

2017-11-20 10.54.02.jpg
A GROWLITHE (mini) backpack. Growlithe. All Growlithe. Never in 1000 years did I think I could walk into a mall in the United States and find anything featuring Growlithe. This is insane. Growlithe has been my favorite Pokemon ever since I got into Pokemon (over a decade ago!), and it's always disappointed me that it has such little merch.

I found this at a store new to the mall I went to called "Box Lunch." They were also selling Japan-exlclusive merch like Sanei All-star plush and a GEM Ash figure.

They had a Growlithe clutch wallet, too! Click the cut for bigger pics of the backpack and for pics of the wallet.
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The bag is a pricey $60 USD, and the wallet is $40. But their website is having a 30% sale today, so it brings the prices down a bit.

I admittedly bought the bag since the sales lady price-matched the website price for me, so if you'd like more pics, let me know.

New Pikachu's Closet Outfit!

It'll be sold for 3,500 yen in Pokemon Centers starting December 2nd! This is so cute. I have this pikachu and I definitely need this outfit for him - I only have the PJs one.

What do you guys think about this new outfit? The PJs are still my favorite but he can rock pretty much any style :P

If you haven't heard about Pikachu's Closet:
[Spoiler (click to open)]It's a Pokemon Center line revolving around this pika plush and they will be releasing several outfits for him. You buy the plush and the clothes separately.
Here's the previously released outfits:

Lowered Prices on Sales!

I'm back~ (well I never left.... but anyway...)

I've been busy, PKMNCollectors friends! I'll most likely have a collection update after the holidays since I'm planning on buying myself some collection stuff then, lol ^^

So! I bring with me today... a SALE! Most items in my sales page are cheaper than they were before, and I'm open to any reasonable offer! YAY!

Clicky-click for sales, rules, and feedback:

...I'm also in a trading mood. Again. So if you've got that sweet, sweet raikou, rowlet line or lucario stuff and in the US- show me what you've got~

I'm out of things to say, so, have a great rest of your day pkmn peeps!

<3 PrimalRaikou

Bandai Evolutionary Stones

Hi all! I just saw the pre-order time for the new Bandai evo stones was coming to an end and it looks like I won't be able to preorder in time. So I just wanted to put this out there that if anyone who does buy a set and decides they don't want it or at least doesn't want the water stone, please keep me in mind as someone who'd buy it from you! :)

Thank you!

All Life Sized Eevees! Plus update on collection!

The time has come, finally! All my life sized babies are here! Below the cuts are pics of them together, I'm so happy 😭❤️
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Also many many thanks to the awesome members on here that helped me complete my Jakks Eeveelution set! (You know who you are, you guys are amazing! 😍) also got the adorable Eevee poncho figures but sadly the person I got them from sent them not very well packaged and Glaceon is a little beat up 🤕 (still love it though!) and I got the special edition Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon game along with the 3 starters from McDonald's! (Hoping to get the legendaries next! Below the cut are pics of them all!
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Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a happy and safe thanksgiving! ❤️