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20 November 2017 @ 03:34 am

I'm back now that my finals are over!

As you can see from my pic (can click to enlarge), this is almost everything I have left for sale. Some are listed on eBay, but as mentioned, they will either be taken down or increasing in price. I didn't do it before because eBay was having a promotion on for sellers so I left it to automatically relist by themselves this one time.

Sales Policy
- Sales permit granted by entirelycliched in 2013.
- Feedback link: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/chain/
- Shipping is from Australia.
- All prices are in USD.
- Payments are required within 24 hours of total being given.
- Allergy advice: dog hair and dust may be present.
- Offers are now allowed for all items.
- If you are concerned about an item's condition, please ask before committing.
- Any backed out commitments will result in negative feedback and a possible ban from my sales.
- Purchases of $100 or more and to Canada will have tracking charged to their total by default.
- No insurance by default.
- Once a parcel has been shipped, I am not responsible for what happens to it.

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Current Location: Australia
Ahhhh!!! Finally got my 1:1 vee’s from jpnstuffs!!!

And for anyone wondering, this is how they compare to the original P.C. giants! Entei is a little salty that he’s shorter than the pink fairy puff next to him.

Just some quick sales of some extra stuff I had around after weeding down my litten collection to things that were more meaningful to me.

Quick Rules:
1. Normal Pkmncollectors rules apply, first to commit gets first dibs.
2. Shipping from the US starts at $2.90 domestic, $11 to Canada, $13.50 international.
3. Prices listed under photos, do not include shipping or paypal fees. Post is ctrl+F friendly.
4. Backing out of a committed sale results in immediate negative feedback.
5. Sales permission granted: Aug 3, 2011 by denkimouse
6. Feedback:http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/doryphish333/

Darumaka Pikachu 2016 New Years Charm:
Rowlet 2016 New Years Charm: $10
Rowlet 2016 US PC.com Christmas Pin *RARE*: $20
Pikachu 2017 Worlds Pin: $5
Dartrix US PC.com Pin: $7***
Decidueye US PC.com Pin: $7***
Rowlet 2017 Worlds Pin: $10 (Hold for chaos_21)
Lunala PC.com Pin: $7***
***willing to trade these pins for the US PC.com Flareon pin as it is equal value

2016 Litten Ramune Candy Pack: $12
2016 PC Rowlet, Litten, Pikachu, and Popplio Chocolate Chou Wrapper: $2
2017 PC Litten Lollipop: $3
2017 Skytree PC Sugar Butter Rusk Biscuit ft Pikachu, Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten: $3
2017 Lunala Can Badge: $10

Thanks for looking and Happy Thanksgiving everyone in the US!!!
2017-11-20 10.54.02.jpg
A GROWLITHE (mini) backpack. Growlithe. All Growlithe. Never in 1000 years did I think I could walk into a mall in the United States and find anything featuring Growlithe. This is insane. Growlithe has been my favorite Pokemon ever since I got into Pokemon (over a decade ago!), and it's always disappointed me that it has such little merch.

I found this at a store new to the mall I went to called "Box Lunch." They were also selling Japan-exlclusive merch like Sanei All-star plush and a GEM Ash figure.

They had a Growlithe clutch wallet, too! Click the cut for bigger pics of the backpack and for pics of the wallet.
Wallet and more backpack picsCollapse )

The bag is a pricey $60 USD, and the wallet is $40. But their website is having a 30% sale today, so it brings the prices down a bit.

I admittedly bought the bag since the sales lady price-matched the website price for me, so if you'd like more pics, let me know.
20 November 2017 @ 07:23 pm
Hey everyone today I’m posting a link of all the Pokemon Plush I have listed on my eBay account. I’d like my room a bit more cleared out before the holidays :) I can combine shipping if you buy more then one!

Here’s my eBay account

Sales permission under this -

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20 November 2017 @ 07:43 pm
Hello! I cleaned up my sales, added new things, retook most pictures and lowered prices! Tomorrow and Wednesday will be my shipping days this week. Please take a look if interested! Purchases over $15 will get 10% off :)

Sales: https://emeraz.livejournal.com/2795.html

Carol Lineheart
20 November 2017 @ 07:55 pm

It'll be sold for 3,500 yen in Pokemon Centers starting December 2nd! This is so cute. I have this pikachu and I definitely need this outfit for him - I only have the PJs one.

What do you guys think about this new outfit? The PJs are still my favorite but he can rock pretty much any style :P

If you haven't heard about Pikachu's Closet:
[Spoiler (click to open)]It's a Pokemon Center line revolving around this pika plush and they will be releasing several outfits for him. You buy the plush and the clothes separately.
Here's the previously released outfits:

20 November 2017 @ 08:20 pm
I'm back~ (well I never left.... but anyway...)

I've been busy, PKMNCollectors friends! I'll most likely have a collection update after the holidays since I'm planning on buying myself some collection stuff then, lol ^^

So! I bring with me today... a SALE! Most items in my sales page are cheaper than they were before, and I'm open to any reasonable offer! YAY!

Clicky-click for sales, rules, and feedback: https://primalraikou.livejournal.com/528.html

...I'm also in a trading mood. Again. So if you've got that sweet, sweet raikou, rowlet line or lucario stuff and in the US- show me what you've got~

I'm out of things to say, so, have a great rest of your day pkmn peeps!

<3 PrimalRaikou
Current Location: CT
Current Mood: stressedstressed
20 November 2017 @ 09:25 pm
Hi all! I just saw the pre-order time for the new Bandai evo stones was coming to an end and it looks like I won't be able to preorder in time. So I just wanted to put this out there that if anyone who does buy a set and decides they don't want it or at least doesn't want the water stone, please keep me in mind as someone who'd buy it from you! :)

Thank you!
The time has come, finally! All my life sized babies are here! Below the cuts are pics of them together, I'm so happy 😭❤️
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Also many many thanks to the awesome members on here that helped me complete my Jakks Eeveelution set! (You know who you are, you guys are amazing! 😍) also got the adorable Eevee poncho figures but sadly the person I got them from sent them not very well packaged and Glaceon is a little beat up 🤕 (still love it though!) and I got the special edition Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon game along with the 3 starters from McDonald's! (Hoping to get the legendaries next! Below the cut are pics of them all!
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Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has a happy and safe thanksgiving! ❤️