November 23rd, 2017

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Nintendo NYC Event and New Sales

Hello, everyone! For those in the US, Happy Thanksgiving! It sure has been a while since I posted here.

On the 17th, I took a bus to NYC for the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release at Nintendo NYC. I like attending the launch events for Pokemon, and I definitely had to do it for this one, being that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are the last 3DS main story games. I wanted to share some photos from the event!

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Also, I’m clearing out my closet again with some new sales items!

Here’s a preview of some of the new items I have:

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Updated sales

Happy thanksgiving everyone. (:
It's also my husband's birthday so it's extra special for me.

Updated my sales post with 10 new items *w* including a rare large taffeta squirtle plush.

Prices on older items has been reduced. More sales items to come!
It's so hard to decide what to let go some of the collection :c

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Looking for SS Anne Board Game, Ledian/Granbull and Scizor/Wobbuffet Battle Figure sets.

Hey guys, of all of the hasbro-branded pokemon figure sets (117 that I know of) I only need these two to have them all!

Here is what I am looking for:

• SS Anne Pokemon Board Game

• Ledian / Granbull Battle Figure Set      • Wobbuffet / Scizor Battle Figure Set


Also, here's my collection

Looking for Pokemon Center plush

Hello again everyone - I know I post a lot of "hunting/looking for" posts - keeps me browsing forever lol

A friend of mine has posted up a Christmas wish list and one item on it was the most recent Pokemon Center Lugia plush

This guy here

I think buying it right off the US store needs a middleman, which I may be asking for, but first I want to know if anyone is selling a like new/new one. (I still cant do trades yet gah!)

Very much appreciated!

on a side note - also looking for the Mega Charizard Y one for myself.

What are these Korean plush? Are they legit?

Hello community! I come to you with a weird question. I was browsing eBay, and I came across these weird Korean Vulpix plushies. They look a little bit different than the usual bootlegs, and I know Korea sometimes has its own excluisve merchandise, so can somebody tell me about these? Their tags say "3rd Round". The seller is also selling what looks like obvious bootlegs as well, though.
The seller is in South Korea. If anybody could give me some more information about these, that would be really helpful!

Standard plush they are selling:

(More under the cut):
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Seeking Mimikyu and Rowlet items!

Heya! I recently started up Ultra Moon and fell in love with Mimikyu and Rowlet so I'm looking to collect a few things of them.

I'm not looking for flats unless they are TCG cards; mainly looking for figures; plush, charms and pins.

I have the Rowlet lifesize plush and Mimikyu tomy plush so far.

Lemme know what you have!