November 25th, 2017

espurr, Cecil

New Gets!

Hello everyone! I just thought I'd share some new stuff I got, some of which came from a couple of people in the community! ^v^ Thanks again to those people!

The JAKKS Zorua, JAKKS Politoed, JAKKS Victini, Canvas Victini, bootle Raichu, and the two Froakies (Festival & MPC) all came from ones in the community~ I am so happy with them all! Also, I was pleased to find the soft JAKKS Croagunk plush, which I've been seeking for awhile, on Facbook! I mistakenly put him through the washer though, not thinking about the fabric paint on him, so he looks a little... rough right now. '^^ I'll fix him up though! I was happy to find the JAKKS Wooper hidden away on eBay and eventually got the Cubchoo at my Walmart because he grew on me, haha.

As for the figures, I settled on a JAKKS Yanmega without it's wings because every time I find one of these elusive guys, they seem to be missing their wings anyway! -n- Plus he was free. I was going to try to make wings for him, but for right now he's my injured little dragonfly~

Aaaand the JAKKS Psyduck. I don't particularly like Psyduck, but this one has grown on me, so I got it! I found the Tomy Komala and Pichu at a Walmart (going to get rid of the Pichu sometime, but keeping the Komala) and managed to get all the McDonald's figures throughout the course of this month with Popplio being my favorite! (I have a couple extras I'll sell in the future; not Popplio though sadly...)

I had preordered Ultra Moon from the Pokemon Center and was very surprised and happy to find it the next morning after it's release! Man, they shipped it out fast! It didn't matter which plush they gave me since I love all the Alolan starters (I just wish they made a standing Litten plush though... besides the Tomy one), plus I got Litten as my starter this time (I was actually going to get Rowlet, but the Litten in the game made me change my mind. O-O).

Man though, I love Pokemon sequels, remakes, and retellings because it gives me a chance to train new Pokemon. The first time around I go for the ones in the region, but now I can go for ones that I missed out on. <3

And now these. I had gone to see the I Choose You! movie with my mom and brother, so I got 3 of these cards and codes! I was thinking of keeping one to remember the event, but I didn't actually care for the movie... I really enjoyed the first half! But I think I'm just going to get rid of all of these. Besides, I'm not a card collector anyway, haha. '^^

EDIT: Does anyone know if the promo codes from the I Choose You! movie expire?