November 28th, 2017


Sale Update and TCG Lot Auction!

im literally drowining in pokemon so i am desperately trying to update my sales with as much stuff as possible. For this update i have added stickers, Vs Cards, Non US McDonalds toys, keychains and straps, puzzles, and much more! i am running out of room and i think im ging to have to weed through my plush that dont belong in any specific collection i have so my next update will include plushies!

Here is a preview of my sales update:

Click HERE or and pic to go to my sales

I also have an ebay lot of 1250+ Japanese TCG Cards starting at only 9.95$ just trying to clear these out of my house since i dont really collect cards at all... there are holos, ex, first editions, etc etc so be sure to check it out if ya wanna expand your TCG collection!

Click the pic or HERE to go to the auction!

Thank you!
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Looking for some owls

Hello! Haven't been too active for... a long time but I got some money to burn so might as well try to look for some specific items I really, REALLY want.

Also I might be doing a re-intro or something soon, I might be getting an actual display case for my owls so I can finally display all of my beautiful stuff..!

First is this Hoothoot cuddle pillow plush... I've been looking for one for the longest time, it has been literally YEARS since the last time I saw one for sale. Might be willing to pay big bucks for one, this is my ultimate grail plushie. Yes I am aware he's very big and fat so shipping will be expensive.

Second is this Hoothoot throw pillow. I know there's one on eBay but might as well ask here too, since I want atleast two of these on my bed lol.

Lastly, I'm looking for this fuzzy owl friend! Might be buying multiple ones because I love him so much!


I'm also looking for pretty much anything Hoothoot or Noctowl related!! As for Rowlet, I'm ONLY looking for plushies atm!
You can check my other wants here ->

More fairy babies!

Hey there everyone! Im back with another post showcasing my beautiful fairy babies! Due to laziness I didnt post everything yesterday so Im doing it today. Plus I got some more cool stuff in the mail yesterday evening and today so lets jump right in!

First is a close up of my fabulous baby from yesterday. She was buried in the pic from yesterday's post so I wanted to fully show her off today. This might be my second favorite sylveon plush so far because of how different she looks and the material chosen. She isnt the softest and her fur is shaggy.
Next up is my pokepalre promotion gets. I just received the scrunchie and clearfile today in the mail but this has to be my favorite promo so far. I love how big it has gotten and I know there may be more items out there for this promo but Im happy with what I have now!

These are all of my figures I have gotten so far and some washi tape I received from a nice comm member!I rreeaallly am tempted to take the battle pose sylveon out of the box but I cant. Im too weird like that XD I still need the standing sylveon kid and a couple others but Im happy with the amount of figures I do have.

Lastly I received some really pretty pencil boards, a 3ds xl case, a beautiful sylveon nagoya charm and pokemon trozei tape.

I need to make a tiny wants list soon since there is a couple items I want before the end of the year. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing more of the fam!
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Yahoo! Japan box x2 - Collection Update & Grail Get!

Hi, all! I haven't been very active in the comm since posting my last gets post at the beginning of the month; I hope you're all doing well! Last week was very busy, with the holiday and all, and also very exciting for me, since I received two packages I had been waiting on from ZenMarket! Considering I ordered using the cheapest available shipping, I was happy with how quickly they arrived. (One of them also turned out to be MUCH lighter than I'd expected, which is always a nice surprise when it comes time to pay for shipping!) Everything was also packaged really securely, including some flats that I had been a little worried about. Very very pleased with my first ZM experience!

There's a little bit of everything in these packages- charms, flats, figures, plush- including a long-time (admittedly small) grail of mine! Exciting! Let's take a look!

Collapse )

Aaaand that's it! Thanks for allowing me to share my slowly growing collections with y'all, and I hope my rambling isn't too obnoxious, lol. I'm already gearing up to order Even More Stuff from Y!J as well as the US Pokecen website (at least one of the Y!J purchases is a gift, so... y'know...), so I'll be making another update before too long. And a sales post is coming... soon. Soonish. Probably. Just gotta take some decent photos.

Thanks for reading!! Have a great week!!
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Random Plush for sale

My sales permission was granted on 01DEC2013 by entirelycliched
My feedback can be found here:
All prices are in USD. Shipping from Canada.

Please note tracking is extra. I am not responsible once I drop the package off at the post office.

I am not interested in trades at this time

[Deetz inside]

Haunter Jakks Plush TTO - $50

Ichiban Kuji Charmander BNIB - $18

Banpresto Vileplume TTO - $20

Custom Minky Gloom (approximately 6" tall) - $70

Custom Minky Magnemite (approximately 5" ,does not come with keychains) - $70

Poliwhirl pokedoll TTO - $ 90

Bulbasaur Plushplush TTO (slightly faded eyes , see second picture) - $110