December 1st, 2017


Seeking Alolan Vulpix

Hello hello just a quick wants post.

I'm looking for Alolan Vulpix and Alolan Ninetales items. I'll check out anything you've got but keep in mind I'm going to be a little picky I don't plan on collecting everything for them.

Also just feel free to show me your sales in general I might find something else I'd like!

Thanks and I hope everyone has a very happy Friday and Dec. 1st!

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Wants list

Hello i'm fairly new to this community, so i decided to post a wants list of the Pokemon i collect

first is the lovely Vaporeon which is my favorite i'm looking for any items that feature vaporeon especially cards.

next is suicune which is my favorite legendary interested in plush cards figures pins etc.

then there is eevee i would love to expand my eevee collection although it's going to take over my bedroom.

i also enjoy glaceon and would love any plush or figures as i have the majority of the cards.

I've recently fallen in love with alolan vulpix and would definitely love to expand that collection.

i do enjoy both forms of riachu, but as a decent amount of merch is expensive it'll depend on the price.

i have a few side collections being Umbreon (any Pokemon talk fans)
talon flame which my friend introduced me to during my sun play through

lugia only have a few items and is a smaller collection due to the expensiveness of the merch.

my friends don't really enjoy Pokemon, but one does collect emolga and one collects sylveon, so if you have any merch of those let me know!

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

More Pokemon Center Plushies - Released Dec 16, 2017

So we got some more plushies announced and they will be out in Japan on Dec. 16, 2017.

Honestly not interested in these. Like come on, we already got a Gardevoir and Wailord, give us some new plushies that have not got one yet. I would really love a Hakamo-o and Kommo-o as well as a Salandit or even a Drampa at least in terms of Sun and Moon wise. Turtonator would be a cute as well. Sooner or later, we will get them.

EDIT: Thanks to "splash" apparently there has not been a regular Gardevoir plush. So my mistake on that.

Just waiting for the 2018 TOMY Catalogue and hoping TOMY will pull through and give us some good ones. They did a great job for 2017 in my opinion.


Thanks to "splash" for extra info:

Mc Donalds

Hello everybody!
Today are arrived Pokemon in italian Mc Donalds....but in Italy there aren't pikipek and pokedex rotom so i'm looking for them. Anyone sell or trade them?
However i add a photo of litten and rowlet that I bought today, rowlet is so cute *_* and i found 2 pikachu cards xD (the cards are italian!)
Thank you for reading :)
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[Pick-Ups] Pokemon Center Keychain Charms

Quick pick-up announcement for tomorrow!

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These adorable keychain charms will go on sale tomorrow (December 2nd) at the Pokemon Center in Japan!

There is five charm designs available: Alolan Vulpix, Mimikyu, Cosmog, Lunala, and Solgaleo.

Each charm is $14 USD + shipping.

(My other current pick-up information can be found here for anyone interested)

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

LF Halloween Bewear Plush

Hey guys! So I was meaning to buy the Bewear Halloween Plush earlier, but I missed out and now has sold out. I would purchase one off eBay but I'm wary of bootlegs. Does anyone have a MWT Bewear plush that they'd be willing to sell me for $30 before shipping or less?

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Misty Gets + Rowlet & Psyduck Questions!

I haven't posted on here in a long time but hello again! I collect Misty, Touko/Hilda, & Touya/Hilbert.

I've been after the badges for a long time so I'm very glad to finally get them. Here's a bigger picture. Another day, I'll post my entire collection because it's... a lot, lol. I've been making space to display a good chunk so far; it's been quite an adventure trying to sort it out.

Also, I'd like to ask which Rowlet & Psyduck plush you think have the best quality & has the softest material? I'd love to buy a plush of each but have no idea which to go for. Thank you!

Searching for Pyukumuku items!

Hello again! I know I may sound a little needy with all of these search posts(I deeply apologize for that), but there are a lot of items I'm on the lookout for! Right now, I'm searching for any and all Pyukumuku items they have released so far. I'm no good with a checklist so I don't really know what items are out there at the moment so let me know what you know about the adorable little sea cucumber merch!

Anyone Fancy a Trade? :)

Heyo i have weeded my collection and i would much rather replace my plushies then just sell them so i am offering them first for trade. :) i decided to part with many things in cluding pokedolls, kuttari plush, pokemon center plush, canvas plush and much more!

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Heres a preview of what i have everything is under the cut

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Here is what i am looking for but feel free to offer anything! Mainly looking for Latios, Magikarp, Munchlax, Alola Vulpix, Jolteon, Unbreon, Sylveon, Jhoto Starters, or Snivy Line

- Latios Sould Dew Strap
- Any Lati Pokepark Merch
- Latios Keshipoke
- Latios Alto Mare TCG

- Togekiss
- Alola Raichu
- Munchlax
- Snorlax
- Rockruff
- Wailord
- Rotom Wash, Fan, Frost

- Sylveon GX TCG
- Sylveon Pokepalre plush
-Sylveon Retsuden stamp
- (feel free to offer sylveon stuff i am missing a lot)

- Christmas Alola Vulpix
- Christmas Rockruff
- Sleepy Umbreon and Jolteon
- Vulpix Its demo stuff

on a side note i also collect disney pins so i may trade for those as well

of course i will trade anything from my sales post as well
my sales can be found HERE

Thanks everyone!