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03 December 2017 @ 12:38 am
(Aaahh, I'm always super late with writting posts here; I was planning to post it a long time ago, but then a lot happened and it's already December, haha... But here it is - a summary of my summer gets!)

These items are not very rare, don't have a Grail status or anything. So what's so special about them?

(text and photo heavy, as always)
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Thank you if you have read all of this, I'm so happy I could share my gets with you <3

Also a reminder that my sales post is still open, updated with some new items and with lowered prices.

(sales permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)
03 December 2017 @ 05:16 am
I've been meaning to post this here for a while

I found this big Pikachu plush for sale at a con, and I think it is one of the cutest Pikachu plushes I have seen! Super fuzzy, and very accurate to the old Pikachu, too!

(ignore the mask on him)

This person was selling him for $80. He said it was some kind of promotional item given to stores for display of Yellow version, but I have seen what I think is this plush floating around on ebay as just an old big plush that anyone could have bought.

So I was wondering what info the community has on him!
03 December 2017 @ 10:42 am

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know (if you hadn't checked Pokebox recently) that they have two preorder items up at the moment that will be ending soon! A d215lab Quilava plush and a cute Flareon print blanket! I know there are collectors for both here so I just wanted to make sure no-one missed out! c:

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03 December 2017 @ 04:15 pm
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a specific clearfile that seems to be hard to find:

I'm not sure but I believe it was a preorder bonus with the ARTFX figure. I've found one listing on eBay for it along with the figure (which is where the pic comes from... couldn't find any others on the internet!) but nothing else so far. I do want the figure as well but unfortunately that listing is very pricey. I'd be really grateful if anyone could let me know if they've seen any around, and of course if someone here has it for sale.
03 December 2017 @ 04:20 pm

Hello everyone! So I've revised my post-I am on the Hunt for any cuddle pillow you may have for sale :) if you or someone/somewhere you know has some for sale, lemme know ^-^

03 December 2017 @ 05:44 pm
Hey everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying the last bit of their weekend! I have a couple wants I have been on the lookout for and I need some help.

I believe this figure is called eevee and friends? Im not 100% sure. I actually received this figure off of ebay a couple months ago and boy was I ever disappointed. Scuffs and CRAYON marks, pain rubbed off on the bows and it was dirty. I immediately received a refund and it was only the only bad experience I had off of ebay.

(Image from slothyshroom)
This is a cookie badge I have been desperately trying to get ahold of. I lost the only one I ever found in an auction.
Im also looking for a sylveon retsuden stamp, the bath salt figure and any sylveonstationary

Now onto my question. Im contemplating on buying this because Im not sure if serena is attached to sylveon on a base. Are these G.E.M figures usually like that? If not then I'll buy it. Im not a huge fan of the trainers.
I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks you guys.
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🎁 Rayne 🎄
Hello! My name is Ray and I just recently joined this community. I have been looking forward to joining for a while! I am looking to expand my collection of my two favorite pokemon, Zorua and Zoroark. Much of my collection was lost during a move two years back. The only item I have left is the Zorua Pokedoll. Here is a picture of the merch I keep out at all times (ignore the Zephyr plush!):

I have more items in boxes in my closet. Mostly older plushies from before merch was widely available from when I was younger that I don't want to keep out anymore, along with a few small figures like the Clefable in the picture.

I am looking for two items in particular, one is a strap/keychain with both Zorua and Zoroark on it. It was from the Illusions movie, with Zorua in Zoroark's hair. It was stolen from me along with a strap with just Zorua (and a tag with it's name in Japanese). I am also looking for a large Zorua plush (not any particular one, but I want to have one to keep on my bed). I would appreciate any help obtaining these items!
03 December 2017 @ 06:17 pm
Hey guys!
I am happy to say I am the happy owner of the lifesized Sylveon! Thanks to the help of nosfurrettu and pmxellos I was able to find one of these beauties and now in her new home!

Pic under the cut!
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03 December 2017 @ 08:35 pm

Wanting these to go with my Team Aqua and Magma hoodies. I'm aware of the Groudon hat currently on Y!J, but trying to avoid middleman services. If they have original tags, that's cool. If not, I'm still interested.