December 4th, 2017

new eeveelutions

Just a quick sales post!

Hey everyone! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and fun Black Friday/Cyber week! I just have a few items for sale to bring you today!

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Sales permission was given to me by Denkimouse on 11/28/2010
Feedback link is here:

Ditto: $4
Raichu: $6
Midnight Lycanroc: $7
Midday Lycanroc: $7
Rowlet: $5
UB-01 Nihilego: $5
Pikachu: $3

Manaphy JAKKS U.S. plush w/tags: $4
Mantyke JAKKS U.S. plush w/tags: $4
small Mew keychain plush (no tags) (U.S. gamestop): $4
Keldeo small banpresto plush w/tag (Japan): $5

Brand new in package midday Lycanroc TOMY figure: $4

I also have a ton of these mini Alolan Vulpix bottle charms at my Etsy store on sale for only $5 each! I just want these gone! Please give them a good home! (comes to about $8 shipped)


Link to etsy store PokeNCraft:

Eevee and Pika loves Sylveon!

Hey everyone! I wanted to show you all my pretty new additions I received in the past couple days. I hope you all enjoy!

I was SO excited to receive these today! I only need the tcg card and the collectors tin. They are soft imo but the ponchos tend to ride up in the back of both plush. I think you can take the hoods off but I wouldnt dare since it looks really difficult to put the ears back in.

Pikachu joins the party! She's so fat. XD I was a little reluctant to buy this plush since Im not a huge pikachu fan but I eventually gave in.
( Now im on the lookout for the tiny version)

Assorted sylveon gets. Its a mini clearfile,embroidered badge, eevee and sylveon keychain, pencil caps and eraser, and a drawstring bag

I was so happy to have found the rubber strap on the bottom. Another mini grail crossed off my list. The cookie tin, ornament, and twinkle dream pouch I received from awesome comm members! Thanks you guys!

Thats it for now. I'll post again when my christmas gets start pouring in. Oh yeah I have decided to start mini collections of alolan vulpix and flareon! Im so excited...while my bank account is not.😊 See ya guys later and happy collecting!
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LF: banpresto magnemite plush

Hello lovelies! I am looking for the banpresto magnemite plush. There are a few on eBay but I’d prefer to buy from someone in the community...and maybe find a price that’s easier on the bank account. They range from $70-$100 on eBay. I missed out on one that was $45 shipped and I’m super sad/mad ‘bout it, lol. I’d love to find one around that price.
There are two versions of this plush - 2 different facial expressions..Or eyes. I’m not sure how to describe that lol. I don’t have a preference; they’re equally adorable.
I’m located in the USA.

Also - I’m getting 2 BIG pretty babies in the next few days, and a beautiful custom plush sometime this month. Can’t wait to share with y’all!

Animated, Trozei

Candy Figure Claims!

Only 2 left!

Primarina - illusoryphoenix
Mimikyu - CLAIMED
Mareanie - CLAIMED
Pikachu -
Charjabug -
Bewear - CLAIMED
Decidueye -  CLAIMED
Incineroar - CLAIMED
Vulpix - CLAIMED
Secret Lycanroc - CLAIMED

They are $4 each +shipping from Florida USA

I will ask for payment when I have them in hand!
about 1-2 weeks

[Sales Permission]
Sales permission granted on 01 DEC 2013 by entirelycliched

- I ship from the U.S.
- paypal only
- It's first come first serve
- If you want an item please clearly state that you are going to commit!
- I will sell to the first person who commits to the item
- Asking for a quote does not guarantee you an item!
- I ship world wide

My Feedback:
Running Snorlax

eBay lot

Was anyone on here the next highest bidder or was bidding on my figure lot on eBay? The person who won is unfortunately a person I’ve banned 6 times now and always never pays. The listing always goes to a non payment claim thru eBay. Anyway, I’m willing to offer the lot for $35 shipped if you were indeed the second highest bidder.

*I have already canceled the sale on eBay*

If no one claims this in 3 days, it’ll be posted back on eBay.

Sales permission given by allinia on March 2013 for baconscreation
Feedback here (new) And here (old).

I ship from Washinton state and ship worldwide.
I will not sell to banned members.
Pricing does not include shipping.
Shipping domestic (US) starts at $3 and international starts at $13.50.
Please ask for insurance if you are worried about an expensive purchase.
Please use the word “committed” if you are for sure going to buy.
Payment due 48 hours after committing unless otherwise talked about.
Payment plans are allowed.
Negative feedback will be left to anyone backing out of a committed purchase.
Ask for more pictures about condition!
All Pkmncollector rules apply!

Honestly I’m just fed up x(

Exciting gets and extras sales!!

Hello everyone!!
Omgosh I am so excited to share this with you all.
Here is a group shot of most of my recent gets (some I forgot xD; whoops! solgaleo and piakchu mcdonald toys for example!)

Some items are from a few of you amazing members!
I have here zome Z stones, Pikachu chess piece, pikachu tcg fig, pikachu tokyo strap, pikachu pitapoke (looks like he fell over for the photo haha) Pikachu pearly GET figure, pikachu keshi, pikachu mini ornament, jolteon mini ornament, jolteon zukan, jolteon game piece, jolteon custom acrylic strap, custom dusk lycanroc acrylic strap and sticker, dusk lycanroc metal strap, Charizard tcg fig, ROCKRUFF XMAS PLUSH EEEE!! Midday and Midnight Lycanroc double deck box!!!!!! Mewtwo action figure from tomy international, and Ash Pikachu sleeves, along with the movie card sleeve and a charizard/venusaur artwork (close up of it later in post)

I am extremely excited about the Rockruff and Lycanrocs deck box. I had just ordered those and it only took a week from shipped date for them to arrive O_o Brian at Pokevault is amazing ;-; He was very kind and worked to make sure to find the best and most perfect Rockruff xmas tag he had, so I could laminate it. He protected it so well too!! > w< <3

;-; so cuuuuuute!!! So happy I decided to get the Japan version. I could not miss out on this tag!!!

His little pockets can be opened!!!! @ O@ I plan to run to the craft store and see if I can't find little/mini plastic candy canes or some other small xmas items to stick out of the pockets!
Also, the inside of his jacket is a plaid red/green with gold trimming design!! Aaaaah!!!! Just too perfect!!!!! (I love plaid lol)

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Look at that artwork!! Aaaah! So cool! @ o@

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Now, I am selling the extras from my Ash pikachu deck sleeves, and the charizard artwork, as well as the Z stones for Eevee and Mew!

Click the cut to see them all as well as any other items I am currently selling!!!

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Thanks for looking everyone!
Hope you have a great rest of your day/night!!

PitaPoke being sold in US as "Pokemon Petite Pals"

While looking at the Toys R Us site today I found something interesting. Apparently TOMY is now selling PitaPoke in the US under the name "Pokemon Petite Pals".

The bases for the individual sets are different from the ones released in Japan, to my knowledge, but the Pokemon figures look the same. They are also selling different sets; for example, I have the "garden house" set, but mine came with Fennekin and Swirlix rather than Pikachu and Vaporeon as shown.
I would be interested to see if they release any new Pokemon. (I'd love a PitaPoke Mew!)

I did not see another post announcing this, but if I was mistaken, please let me know and I will delete this one.

236 TCG codes for sale!

Well guys, it's been a long time since I've posted on here :x Mostly been lurking lately and just being busy with life in general, but still consuming Pokemon goods! I recently did a HUGE unboxing of a bunch of TCG sets (thank YOU Gamestop clearance sale!) and have a surplus of online TCG codes for sale! Wasn't sure if I wanted to sell them into smaller sets or altogether, but I think it would be easier for me to sell as a single lump, as I know there are some people on here that like to buy large stacks when they can.

*Please see my profile page for sales permissions etc*

So yeah I'll be selling the HUGE lump of 236 codes for $30, fees included (so like, roughly 12 cents a code, I think it averaged to). *Just note that when the sale is made, I'll need some free time after I get off work to send a PM for each of the codes, so bear with me while I type them all out :x*


(Hope to have my annual gets post listed soonish, too!)