December 7th, 2017

  • kitzune

[Pick-Up Reminder] Card Sleeves & Deck Boxes + Its'Demo Plush

Hello everyone~

Just a quick reminder before the weekend.

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New card sleeve designs for December go on sale this Friday!

There are 7 designs in total:
Alola Sun & Moon, Cynthia, Volkner, Pyukumuku, Lucario, Lillie, and Espeon & Umbreon.

Each pack comes with 64 sleeves and is $15 USD + shipping.
Shipping starts at $4 USD for airmail without tracking or $8 USD for airmail with tracking.

There will also be two different card deck boxes.

The Alola Sun & Moon design is $10 USD + shipping.
The Espeon & Umbreon design is $27 USD + shipping.

As an aside, if you're still looking for some of the newly released Its'Demo mascot plush, I might be able to help depending on availability!

The mascot pair plush come with one fire type Pokemon (Cyndaquil, Ponyta, Flareon) and one winking Pikachu plush.
Each set is $30 USD + shipping.
Vulpix & Alola Vulpix pair set is $32 USD + shipping.

The single stocking Pikachu mascot plush is $20 USD + shipping.

For other Pokemon Center and Banpresto prize items I'm currently picking up, check out my main page here.

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!

Christmas Tree and (maybe?) sale

Hello! :D
It's been a while. I haven't got so many things lately, so I'm not having much to post on last days, but I finally had a little time to build my Christmas tree and I'd like to share with you: (picture heavy)

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Maybe I'll need to make an unexpected sale. A person on Facebook has ordered a custom Maxie Nendoroid, just like mine, but all of a sudden this person started ghosting me (view all the messages and never answer); it's about twenty days and unfortunately I guess they won't stay with him.... Well, I'd just like to know, in case of needing to sell him, If someone here would be interested. I still need to make his glasses, paint his faces and make his box. I guess I'll have him all ready until December 20th, which it's the deadline for his first owner too. He has all his extra arms and legs and even a Red Orb and a Hasbro Groudon as bonus! :)
The custom was made using bootleg pieces, once his first owner wanted this, but its quality is impressively good and for this reason I'm not asking for the piece price, only my custom job, which is USD $60

Sales permission got on 2017, May 7th by Areica96
I live in Brazil and ship worldwide! 💕
Just don't sell for banned members or people who has problem with sending/receiving from my country.

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See you! :)

King Finger Leafeon

Hello community! I’ve been posting pics of the King Finger eeveelution statues as they’ve come in! Leafeon came in yesterday! Below the cut is a few pics so everyone can see what it looks like in person! It’s pretty cute in its stretch pose! ( would have preferred to have its eyes open like the rest of them but it’s still a nice statue!)
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Offers for Rare items and Sales!

It's been a while, but I'm back to hopefully make a few sales before the end of the year! My 5th anniversary of being on this community is coming up, so I'm going to work really hard to take updated photos of my collections to share! (It was hard enough to take photographs for this sales post. ^^')

Notably, I'm taking OFFERS for the ITS DEMO Sylveon pillow!

I own the Espeon pillow as well, but I felt like I didn't get much use of Sylveon! It's a beautiful item, so I'm hoping an offers thread gives everyone a fair chance of owning it.

ALSO FOR OFFERS: A HEARTLAND Treecko plush, TOMY Buizel plush, and MYSTERY DUNGEON Charmander plush!

If you don't know what "offer" means compared to "auction", please read the following excerpt from the community guidelines:
"An item up for offers also needs an end time, but the seller may potentially end it earlier than the end time, when they receive an offer they wish to accept. All offers must meet or exceed the starting price."

The official end date is December 14th at 6:00 pm PST but I'm hoping to accept people's offers before that end date!


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Thanks for taking a look! Please wait for all threads to go up for offers before bidding!