December 14th, 2017

A Re-Introduction of sorts

Hey everyone! I'm Kira, and I joined this community back in 2013, but subsequently disappeared into the black abyss of depression and growing up for about four years, I guess!
It's nice to see you all again, and I hope that I can do better at communicating and sticking around this time!
Thank you for reading and dealing with my long absence. I plan to be here more often. Thanks! Have a great night!
I'll post pictures of my collection soon, too. :)

Holiday SALE!!

I hope the community is enjoying their holiday season!
I come bearing a SALE in time for some last minute gifts :) Everything has been reduced in price for the season! Most items are under $5!

Click the banner to be transported~

Sales permission granted by denkimouse August 2010, regranted September 2013 by entirelycliched. Feedback here.

Thanks for looking everyone, have a great evening <3

It's demo babies + holy grail have arrived!

Hey everyone! I hope you all are doing fantastic! I am so excited by my recent gets. After a very frustrating trip to the post office to pick up my babies, it's time to show off my new additions to the fam! Hope you enjoy!

First off is my holy grail, the Sylveon TCG Collection box! I'm SO happy to have gotten one in mint condition AND for a decent price! Finally I can cross this item off my list.

My first vulpix plush! They're hanging out on my Ivy Topiary and they look awesome! They're really soft especially in their tails. The only downside is I really wish they chose a different pose for alola vulpix. She looks like she's having a stroke or in alot of pain .

This plush pair is my favorite. Flareon is the biggest out of all four of them and winking pika is adorable! Flareon's tail,collar, and hair tuft is extremely soft and it's hard to stop touching em. It feels like a fluffy baby blanket.

I'm super happy with my gets and I can't wait to add more to my new side collections of flareon and alola vulpix! Also if anyone has any recommendations on flareon plush from 2016 and under let me know. I'm not trying to collect all of em just some. Thanks for reading and happy collecting!
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Celebi Collection Update and Store Special Contest

Hi guys! I rounded up my Celebi plush and figures today to make a shop update, and I wanted to show my collection :) Aside from the sprites, this doesn't show my flats, clock, and my poor kid figure that I forgot to put in ;A;

I also found a very outdated pic of my Houndour/Houndoom plush collection... there is more to this now. I think the pic is two years old... notable additions include several new plush including mega Houndoom and a life sized Houndoom.


I also launched a photo contest in my store - if you have my perler sprites in your collection or on display please send a pic on here or etsy! The winner gets a 15$ coupon and I'll feature the photo in my next shop update :) If you don't win I may still share your photo, but at a later time ^^

Here is my store:

All current December orders are going out tomorrow btw!

New Gets!

Hello hello! I wanted to share a few of the things I received in the mail recently!

I'm getting around to leaving feedback for everyone I bought from and also thank you to everyone that sold these lovely things to me!

I updated my collection website quite a bit as well:

Also! It's been nearly a week since I opened up the unofficial pkmncollectors discord channel! Quite a few people have joined and we've been having a wonderful time! If you would like to join please feel free!

Thank you for looking and I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays!

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keiko fukuyama collection scans!

Hello all! I finally had some free time to start a project I've been wanting to do for a long time--a collection blog! I mainly collect flats (postcards, clearfiles, tcg) so I'm starting with scans. Right now I have my complete collection of Keiko Fukuyama postcards up, if you'd like to take a look! The preview is low-res but the images I uploaded are all full size and edited to match the original print colors. There are 31 postcards total, not including the three she did for the southern islands set (which I'll upload soon).

(Click the photo to be redirected!)

I'm hoping to upload a lot more in the coming weeks, mainly my complete collection of Pokemon Time figure straps and their corresponding bookmarks! I've been wanting to share them with the community for a long time and I'm really excited to start working on those scans ( ; w ; )

In the meantime, I'd also like to remind that my clearfiles auctions end on Sunday, and that I'm still offering 10% off my regular sales. If you'd like to check them out, click on the image below!

I was granted sales permission in
December 2015 by areica96
& my PKMNCollectors feedback can be found here.