December 15th, 2017

New xmas gets, and snow day Alolan Vulpix photoshoot!

Hi all! I just got these awesome new it's demo christmas mascots, Flareon and Ponyta(along with the Pikas) and they're so freaking cute! I couldn't wait to put them in my tree! My favorite is Ponyta, Ponyta has so few merch so I knew I had to have it with all my heart!

Also, last week we had our first intense snowfall(at least intense for us in GA) so I took my little Sapporo Alolan Vulpix out to play in her natural enviroment! Photos and fun filters intense below the cut!

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Chillarmy - Shiny
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[Pick-Ups] Pokemon With You + Oteire Please! + Tails & Ditto Reminder

Hello everyone~

It's Friday, and that means... Pokemon merch announcements!

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First up! This super cute and brand new promotion called Oteire Please! (Take care of me, please!) will go on sale January 1st.

The promo features a bunch of Pokemon that are dusty and need your care, including plush, blind packaged acrylic charms, cups, towels, and a variety of other items.

A full list of items and prices can be found here

There will also be... a figure collection gacha!

The gacha has 6 figures in total and no secrets.

Each figure is $8 USD + shipping.
This figure pick-up is random. I will do my best to fulfill specific requests but keep in mind this may not be possible.

The buy 3 sock set deal also returns!

Pick 3 pairs of socks for $17 USD + shipping.
Get 3 different socks, get 3 of the same socks; it's all up to you!

Last but not least, the charity line of merchandise, Pokemon With You, returns December 23rd with a new batch of badges.

Each badge is $3 USD + shipping.

I am still accepting orders for both the Pokemon Tails & Paws promotion that comes out tomorrow and the Ditto Transform! promo that comes out December 23rd.

See this page for Tails & Paws items and prices

See this page for Ditto Transform! items and prices

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


There was never much hope. Just a fool's hope

I am very interested in buying a lucky bag this year from the Pokemon Center. I know this means long lines, long que, limited quantity and the chance of it not working out. But, I'd really like one since I don't live in Japan, and I'll need it shipped to Canada.

I'am very intrested in obtaining one this year since I just found out about them in 2016. I also have some plush from my sales I can offer as well.

I understand they are very limited (some lucky bags aren't one per person?) and Pokemon Centers aren't guaranteed to be well stocked. Just figured if someone manages to somehow get an extra bag i'd be interested. I would even be willing to discuss forfeiting the 1 of 3 backpack mascot to get the rest of the lucky bag goodies.

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