December 16th, 2017

Maxie 2

Just joined! An introduction post.

Hi everyone! I'm a longtime pokemon fan, and wanted to keep up on all this amazing merch with this awesome community!  I've known about it for some time but finally joined!  I mainly collect Ninetales, but Vulpix is great too, but with so much stuff for Vulpix now I have to be choosy.  :'D  Here is my collection wall.

Updated pic below but with more plush, but I liked the older pic so I used both. 💕

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Sales update!

Tons of new items added to sales post!
Click HERE or the preview to go!

Don't miss out the very rare WINK Eevee mega bloks, the sold-out Korean Eeveelution sticker sheet, Pokemon Center prize stickers and various other Eeveelution merch.
I've added 10 new types of sample size washi tape for purchase, including the It's Demo Eeveelution tape! Previous tapes are available too.

And I've put some previously unsold plushes into cheap ebay lot, offers are more than welcome.
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Collection site:
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Mochi/Squishy Plush

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the mochi (aka squishy on the US site) plush have a similar feel to Disney’s ufufy line? They seem like they might be but considering the price tag I thought I’d ask before buying. Thank you!