December 17th, 2017

I'm looking to trade for Raikou merch!

Hello friends!

I am looking for some raikou merch, such as the san-ei plush and the US pokedoll.
However I am looking for anything I don't have, so please feel free to offer up what you've got <3 I love figures and plush the most. Customs are perfect, too!

I'd like to stick with trading in the US, please!

Trade/sales list:

Have a lovely day!


Holiday Sales post: allowing holds on any item(s) until January 17th, 2018

'Tis the Season, everyone! I've updated my permanent sales post recently, and I'm allowing holds on anything in my sales for up to one month.
So, if you commit to something in my sales, you'll have until January 17th, 2018 to send the payment! This allows you to get what you want without compromising your holiday shopping budget. :D

*Please note that I won't SEND anything to you until I've received your payment, though.


Sales front part 2.png
Sales front part 1.png

Click the pictures or use this link to check it out:

Totodile Item Progress

Hiya everyone! This is the first of most likely many updates on how my Totodile collection is coming along. I thought id show some of my recent purchases! :)
The first plush is the christmas tomy totodile plush. I was able to get it on buyee and i was only able to get it because of flotton finding it on buyee so thank you for your help! The other 2 items i purchased from aarux while i stumbled onto their website a while ago. The totodile gashapon machine was something i had never ever seen before so i had to have it as it was so incredible and the skiing plush we were able to agree a more than fair price for so again thank you for the help and also for your great totodile items. Hopefully i may have more deals with you to come :). Next up on my Totodile list is the 1:1 Totodile plush so hopefully i can find that soon! Hope to post another update soon :) also if anyone has any totodile stuff for sale at a decent price let me know. I may be interested :)

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Photo Request- Person beside/holding Jumbo Lapras, Sleeping Eeveelutions

Hey,  I'm bad at maths but love giant Pokemon plushies.  I'm having a hard time visualizing exactly how big these things are from the measurements.  Does anyone have a photo of themselves holding one/right beside one? (I promise I'm not a creeper,  you can blot out your face if you want!  I just need to be able to see how big they are irl.)  Is that okay? (I hope this isn't against comm rules..?)  I'm thinking of saving up for the huuuge Pokemon Center Lapras -OR- the giant sleeping Espeon and Umbreon in the next few months, but I'm having trouble deciding. :(

reminder for my buy 1 get 2nd 20% off sale! ENDS DEC 20TH!

Click either picture to be transported to my sales post! I have updated the post with what is sold and added a bunch of new items from my collection


12:5 banner

Offer Valid until Dec 20th!
note: you must pay before the 20th for the offer to be valid, anything after will be full price

I did my best to update my sales post, so please bear with me!

everyone who has not had their package shipped yet will be shipped before the 21st! I leave on a trip on the 21st and come back on the 3rd
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Auctions reminder--80 min left!

Hey guys! My clearfiles auctions will end at 10 PM EST tonight so get your last bids in while you can! Also reminding that payment will be due in three days for winners (Wednesday, December 20 before 11:59 EST). Click on the image below to be redirected:

Ampharos, Denryu

New Ichiban Kuji Prizes + In search of Osaka Poketabi items!

Hello everyone! I discovered that some awesome new ichiban kuji prizes that were released yesterday (the 16th) and thought people might be interested as I don't think I've seen any posts about this. It features a TON of pokemon including:

pikachu, eevee, vaporeon, umbreon, sylveon, leafeon, jolteon, espeon, glaceon, flareon, dragonite, dragonair, dratini, sableye, persian, delcatty, liepard, plusle, minun, pachirisu, emolga, dedenne, pichu, togedemaru, grimer, koffing, vulpix, unown, mareep, ampharos, cyndaquil, totodile, chikorita, togepi, magikarp, luvdisc, ditto, mimikyu, butterfree, metapod, poliwag, poliwhirl, farfetch'd, rowlet, diglett, slowpoke, litwick, gulpin, azurill, solosis & pyukumuku

Wow! Something for everyone! :D
I may have already bought the ampharos pouch. >.>


Check under the cut for more pics/info!
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Also, I am looking for some items from the Poketabi collection from Osaka. I haven't had any luck finding them for sale. Is there anyone who could help me out? There are two magnet sets I'm after. I would prefer MIP, but would accept just the ampharos magnets. Thank you!

Click for full size!