December 20th, 2017

  • ku_bek

Mini gacha machines claims!

Hello guys!

These mini gacha machines came out recently and I'll be able to get some for you!

Each gacha machine has 5 mini gacha balls included, each features different Pokemon!
Check the cut for the list of all featured Pokemon ^-^

Each machine is $8, full set of 5 is $35
Shipping starts from $2 worldwide, but it's most likely for only 1 machine (I'm not sure how much it'll weigh to be honest, but they're kinda heavy)

I'm tagging lone_enigma - I remember you like these :D


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And that's it, thanks for looking! ^o^

Acrylic Charm Sales!

Hello everyone! <3 I'm here with some Pokemon Tamagotchi charms I recently designed and received, so here's a quick sales post before I take them with me to my next convention~

I have the Generation I starters and the eeveelutions available currently, but if there's high demand for any other particular Pokemon, I'll consider it for my next round <3 Click the cut for more photos and rules~

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Thank you! <3

Moving Sales

Hey all! So me & my husband are moving & so we thought now would be as good of a time if ever to get rid of some of the clutter in my collection, haha

so quick sales!

Info + rules
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This cut is only important to
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More auctions and sales!

Hello again everyone! I'm back with some more $.99 auctions and sales! Really need to make some space in the apartment, and could definitely use the money because I have too many pets and medical bills ^^ Such is life, am I right? Previews of some of the Pokemon items of course! (and there are some Digimon and even new LoZ items listed, so please check them out!)

And the link, of course-

IMPORTANT NOTE!- I am willing to sell the BIN items and lots through here at a discounted price! (That goes for non-Pokemon items too.) If you send me a PM about something, please comment on this post in case it ends up in my suspicious folder.

Sales Permission granted by areica96 on March 21, 2015
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Looking For 2012 Osuwari Fuzzy Pokemon Center Pikachu Plush

Hello community! So, I have been looking for this Pikachu plush:

The eBay prices are crazy high and ridiculous. A sales post that is still up sold this plush for $15, and I'm hoping to buy one for that price. The one they sold didn't have a tag, so if you ask a little bit more for it if it has a tag, I understand.

I'm also looking for these plush:

Pokemon Center 2006 Pikachu Plush

1/1 2012 Pikachu Plush Found!