December 27th, 2017

Leafeon/Glaceon/Sylveon Ditto?!

Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!!

I don't know about you guys but I've been hoping for these 3 to be included in the Ditto line for a while now so I can complete my figure collection! I'm guessing it will happen eventually but I found this image randomly and it has my hopes up:

(Click to enlarge)

I can't find any info on it but the other figures are all legit - and the Leafeon/Glaceon/Sylveon figs all look to be in the same style and colour scheme. Is this a leak? Or is this someone who is amazing at making their own figures? :D

I believe they release the plushies first and then the gacha figures later. I will be needing Ditto Leafeon everything! xD


Hi everyone!

I found out that there are theses adorable charms for the oteire collection being released on Jan. 1 ! I really want the pikachu and ralts charm and was wondering if anyone is splitting a box and is willing to let me claim them >.< ?

Thank you all and hope you guys have a great holiday!
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Adorable Killua

Gengar and Shroomish need homes!!! Otiere Keychain and Clip Claims

-Sales permission granted by denkimouse August 3, 2011
-I ship from the US
-A claim is a commitment
-Clips are $3.50 each
-Keychain charms are $10 each

Clip Claims
Bewear: vulpeslagopus
Pikachu: gardeniapika
Litten: doryphish333
Rowlet: flamincharizard
Vulpix: vulpeslagopus
Pichu: diamondphantom

Keychain Charm Claims
Pikachu: gardeniapika
Rowlet: flamincharizard
Bewear: vulpeslagopus
Litten: doryphish333
Vulpix: vulpeslagopus
Litwick: plushlosophy
Whimsicott: tehseto
Gengar: holycrapitskyle
Ralts: gardeniapika

Taking offers on custom Meganium plush

Heyy, I hope everyone who celebrated had a great Christmas, hopefully with pokemon themed gifts! I got the Tomy Arcanine plush from my boyfriend (not sure if I should keep it in the box or cut it loose though..). That's not why I'm posting though haha.

I recently finished a Meganium plush, and while I did get a nice offer from outside the community I figured before I accept I'd gauge interest on here. Meganium has found a new home.

Rules, some more info about the plush, and more pictures can be found under the cut.

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Something else: I'm low-key looking to add a Togepi pokedoll to my collection, if anyone wishes to part with theirs I'd love to hear your asking price. Without tags would be fine.

Quick info post

Discovered this gem existed today. A bandana featuring the Neo Discovery artwork that I absolutely love. Features Xatu and Natu which is one of my main collections. Was awarded during world championships in 2000. Curious is anyone had one for sale or if anyone knows what they typically sell for? Really want this hung with my pea and totem birds. Thanks so much guys!