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Group Auction Reminder + Questions about Velboa, Lucario Plushes

Hey guys! Just a quick reminder that the Pokedoll Posse GA is ending in a bit over 24 hours - tomorrow at 9:30 PST. We're only a few dollars over halfway to the buyout price, so we need quite a bit more to reach our goal. Here is the link, or click the picture below.

And some quick questions as well.

My understanding is that velboa begins to pill from extensive use/wear and tear, but can it also just pill naturally on its own over time?
My 2005 Weavile pokedoll is in really nice condition; obviously the previously owner took good care of it. I've seen quite a few pictures of pilly Weaviles lately and the difference is pretty big. Mine just stays on the shelf and I rarely handle it, so should it be ok? Or do you all do anything special to prevent pilling?

Also, for Lucario collectors... besides the size, are there any notable differences between these two plush? Do they have different fabric or anything?

First one is the Super DX Banpresto UFO (cred: Lostlatios); Second pic are the non-DX Banpresto UFOs (cred:Lucario's Time Flower).

I saw the first one on Y!J yesterday with a buyout price but I was too slow in my consideration. ;-; I don't even know if I'd have a place to put him but he looks so cool. Maybe the smaller ones would be more practical but the bigger one looks more well-made.

I swear I'm not collecting Lucario now... jfc I already have so little room! But I'm on a kick right now I guess!
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