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Long Time no see! A little update and photo story!

Hey guys! I haven't posted in quite a while since i've been busy with Instagram and other internet endeavors but I wanted to share a little update on parts of the collection a and a fun little photo story for you all!

We picked up the Rayquaza and Mega Rayquaza plush in Japan earlier this year and meant to display them like this from day one! They look so cool and majestic above the plush horde! Drifloon Canvas also needed to be flying because it misses the point entirely just sitting on a shelf. We wanted to add more flying/floating Pokémon here but passed to save clutter.

And now begins a Pikachu adventure in Pikaland! The Pikachus gather for a family reunion! These are just about all of our Pikachu figures in many varieties over the years. We swear we don't collect them but it's hard not to when they come with each box set of Kids and other sets!

This Pika Family gets ready in their Mega Charizard Y Kigus with the help of their Raichu guardians! Today is going to be a fun day!

Our little Pikas find the Raichu Go Round and enjoy a Disney Land Teacup style ride that's gets fast and intense!

We next cut to the Pikas awaiting one of the hottest attraction in the park, the Flying Mega Charizards! The line is pretty long but worth the wait for this fast action thriller!

Wheee! So much fun with the find in their faces! What a joy to ride such a cool attraction! You can see that these little ones are huge fans!

Time for some Midway arcade action at the Pika slots! Gotta get 3 in a row to win a prize and multiple successes merit even larger prizes! Got for broke little Pikas!

The fun day comes to a conclusion with a singing Pikachu concert and choir! These guys sing such soothing melodies, it draws quite the crowd! What a fun relaxing way to end an action packed day!

Bonus shot of the Pokémon Red and Blue anniversary which happened a couple days ago! Which Pokémon is your favorite from the Kanto region and did you pick Red or Blue?

Glad to finally post again after so long and plan on updating more in the future! Love seeing so many of you again and looking forward to helping out your collections!
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