Chris (prguitarman) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My last sales thread was getting so many replies and so many items were sold that it was getting very confusing for anybody to go through it, so I took new pictures of the leftover merchandise for everybody's convenience. I've also dropped prices on a few items, so hopefully that thing you were looking for that was a little too pricey the first time around will still be here, with a lower price tag :D

Super Action Blastoise - $8

Super Action Charizard - $9

You may remember them from a certain video

Clear Kyogre - $4

Blastoise Cube $3
Mewtwo Keychain (doesn't light up anymore) $3

Palkia Zukan $7
Rhyperior Zukan $7

Golden Sun 2 $6
Drill Dozer $6

Celebi SOLD
GB Dragonite promo $5

Squirtle promo Blastoise $4
CD promo Blastoise(lightning bolt symbol) $4

Bulbasaur promo Venusaur $3
Raichu $2

Blastoise $2
Milotic $1

Base Mewtwo JAP $1
Neo Slowking SOLD

Ampharos $1
Houndoom SOLD

Gastrodon $1
Electivire $1

Zapdos $1
American Base Mewtwo SOLD

Pidgeot $1
Rhyperior $1

Delcatty $1
Luxray $1

Beautifly $1
Venusaur $1

Promo Growlithe $3
Promo Arcanine $5

Promo Electabuzz SOLD
Promo Magmar $2

Promo Jynx $1
Promo Mewtwo $4

Promo Ivysaur $1.50
Promo Wartortle $1.50

Promo Bulbasaur with Pokeball .50
Promo running Bulbasaur .50

Promo Squirtle .50
Promo Totodile .50

Dragonair .50
Promo Unown E .50
Persian SOLD

Crystal Dragonair .50
Manectric .50
Tyranitar .50

Bagon .50
Gastly SOLD
Promo Spiral Trainer .50

ALSO, my Paypal e-mail receipts were screwing up, so if there was something you ordered and paid for in the last sales post that you still see here in the shop(excluding the Squirtles/Wartortle/Bulbasaur/Ivysaur because I had multiple copies), please let me know! I'm pretty sure I got everybody's orders correct, but I just want to be sure.

3. PLEASE Specify what you're ordering. Copy and paste the URL and clearly describe what item you're getting. I will not be happy if you reply just saying "I WANT FLAREON" without specifying which one you actually want.
4. Do not send your payment until I have confirmed the order with you. Payments can be sent to pr[@] Due to an irratic work schedule, I can't guarantee when items will be sent out, but I will aim for Tuesday.
5. I will not hold items for more than a few hours. I have been very lenient about this in the past, but I just keep getting screwed over. Stop doing this to meee ;_;

Shipping is generally $2 for cards, and $3 for figures.
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