laurenbachmann (laurenbachmann) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New Metal Gets! and plastic mew figures question

Moooore metals!

Minty Gold Bulbasaur! (my very first bulbasaur! one of my favorite pokemon and i finally got him!)
Minty Gold Squirtle (already had gold squirtle but this one is much nicer)
Silver Kakuna (so hard to find silver figs!)
Old Pastel Yellow Pikachu (arms down)
Old Pastel Blue Pikachu(arms down)
Bronze Giggling Pikachu
Silver Waving Pikachu(feet to the sides)
Gold Sandshrew
Blue Golbat (love it when the color matches the pokemon!)
Copper Golbat(already had one but this one is better)
Gunmetal Golbat
Bronze Golduck
Bronze Primeape
Gunmetal Graveller(another color match!)
Gunmetal Doduo (pretty damaged but still a rare figure)
Gold Grimer
Silver Starmie (yay more silver!)
Gold Scyther (he's very VERY tarnished but still! Scyther is so rare!)
Dark Red Pinsir
Laying Bronze Gyarados
Gold Eevee(one of the newer ones)
Bronze Eevee(one of the newer ones)
Silver Eevee (one of the newer ones..i was so disappointed that it wasn't the old one but oh well)
Copper Omanyte (another one off my list!)
Bronze Moltres (ah! so exciting! and another off my list)
Laying Bronze Mew (so cute!)
Minty Gold Bellossom
Copper Slakoth
Gold Slakoth
Gunmetal Aron
Silver Chimchar
Copper Skipping Piplup
Bronze Budew
Rubbed Gold Buizel (standing)
Silver Riolu (another very exciting get)
Silver Snover
Silver Victini (so cute!)
Bronze Mega Salamence
Copper Meloetta
Bronze Meloetta (i was so excited about these Meloettas!)

Also got Gunmetal Prinplup, Silver Lickilicky, and Blue Nidoking(YAY!) they have their own pic cuz they JUST showed up 10 mins ago lol

I also got some more Keshimon!

Gold Pikachu
Silver Clefairy
Silver Poliwag
Gold Eevee
Gold Jolteon
Gold Zapdos (so teensy!)
and lastly..
my BLUE Cyndaquil! so so darling!

Lastly I got these two tiny plastic mew figures..they are very small.. smaller than a metal figure.. no idea what they are from. .does anyone know what they are or what their value is?

Tags: gets, metal figures, mew, pokemon
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