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Tomy Collection Update and Display: Before and After

It's been quite a while since my last collection update post. This time there's going to be a Before and an After picture. They're both pretty big because each picture is the entire collection. Click on the photos to enlarge them to full size.



The total number of figures here is 408.
Sans Mega figures, it's 393; sans Pokédex/Footprint figures, it's 390; sans other non-official Tomy figures, it's 385; sans alternate poses and/or different formes, it's 375.

That means I have so far collected more than half of the National Pokédex! But since not every Pokémon has been made into a Tomy figure, that means this collection is even closer yet to completion.

As is clearly visible, I'm still having a bit of a space problem. I built those plywood shelves thinking the entire collection could be transferred to them alone. Almost immediately, however, it became apparent that I'd still need some of the cardbox shelving. And even with three of them, there's still an overflow of Tomy figures down on the desk there. Those figures are usurping the location where the plush are normally kept. I'm not sure what I'll do to make more room, whether that means building more shelves (which is awfully time-consuming) or something else. @_@

As always, thank you for looking, and an even bigger thanks to those pkmncollectors community sellers who have helped make this collection as full as it is! =3
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