Ritzy (iridescentfox) wrote in pkmncollectors,

ooak sales

My house is 100% smoke-free, but also 100% cat-friendly.

So after much thought, I have decided to sell the Umbreon backpack I made. However, since it's of a style I don't do anymore and was the first bag I ever made.. I am accepting offers on it which would start at $30 plus shipping. Images can be found here. This is the exact bag you'd be getting.

And because I have leftover felt from a project, I am offering to make and sell three magikarp into sushi plush. These have not been made, but I promise to have them made and shipped out sometime in December, most-likely before Christmas. These would be a flat $16 shipped to anywhere, if interested. Magikarp Sushi!

Also, if you bought and paid for anything from my Sales Post, it is planned to be all mailed tomorrow. :3
Tags: custom, magikarp, umbreon
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