holycrapitskyle (holycrapitskyle) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated Wants Post

Hey again everyone. I've updated my wants post to the things that I really want being listed first, while the things I want, but could go without being last on the list. You guys really helped me out with my last wants post, so I figured I'd list a lot this time in the hopes that someone could help me out. Again, I'm trying not to tear a hole in my wallet when it comes to the price of some of these items. So, without further ado:

Note: Any of the Pokédolls listed I DON'T need them with their hang tag. Only tush tag.

Also, Disclaimer: NONE of these pictures are mine, and I just found them all from Google.

Swampert Pokédoll

Duskull Pokédoll

Pokémon Crystal Version

I have the game, only looking for the box and original inserts

Poliwhirl Pokédoll

Not to be confused with the Poliwhirl PlushPlush Doll.

Rotom Freeze Pokédoll

Noctowl Pokédoll

Rotom Figure Collection

Pokémon Red Version

Again, I have the game, only looking for the box and original inserts

That's really all I'm looking for that's harder to find as of now. Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!!
Tags: duskull, noctowl, pokedolls, poliwhirl, rotom, swampert
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