latiasylveon (latiasylveon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

New merch announced! Chou Get figures! Core Zygarde~

According to pokepolitan:
"Tomy is releasing another set of Get Collection figures! This the first time we are seeing merch of Core Zygarde! Each figure will come in random Poke Ball with a candy. One box contains all 10 figures for 3,024 yen and will be released late November."

What do you guys think?
Does this mean more core Zygarde to come?
I really wanna see more Zygarde in general.
I keep hoping Pokedolls will make their comeback with the anniversary coming up, and I would love its 50% and 10% forms.
No idea why there's blurring/censoring on the names(?)

Edit: I don't known if its okay to include this but I'm still looking for anything mini pokedoll, and absolutely NEED this guy:

PM me! :D
Tags: zygarde
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