Hellblaze (waspxbee) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update

It's been a while and I have been getting more Pokemon stuff. Today I got this guy in the mail however the seller on ebay listed the wrong item on this guy and I contacted them telling them they sent me the wrong  one. The one I wanted was a 'mini' Primal Groudon by Banpresto. So after waiting for 2 days they never gave me a full reply it's like talking to one of those customer service robots on the phone.I decided to keep him in the end and get a new hook on my wall for him to be hung up. I wanted the mini version of him cause I have no room for big plush but he'll do and get a new hook on the wall.

Here's my collection so far:

So anyway how's everyone else been doing? I've been doing great part of life. I'm also collecting Eevee plushies from Jakks at Walmart has anyone saw them and been collecting those? So far I have Eevee and Vaporeon and I must say, everytime I go to Walmart and see them there, they're gone off the shelves fast. I'm glad I found Umbreon on ebay I'll post a image of him when I get it. I decided to get each Eeveelution plush if Walmart gets more in. :)
Tags: collection update
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