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Plush Collection update !

Hello Community !
It's been a long time I posted here, (2013! Oo I'm pretty silent in the community ^^") so I have a lot of new merch since last time !

Lots of old and new plush, I'm so amazed by all the adorable new things they are doing currently !

All my starters plushies are here. I'm really happy because I nearly completed the set of johto mattari's plush, Cyndaquil is on the way for his new home ! Can't wait to receive him ! =D
Also, I'm still looking for the treecko DX 2003 Banpresto plush, to go with torchic and mudkip.

Here's a wall of pikachus and a floor of eons plushie ! They are all so cute, and soooo soft, I can't resist to their faces *w*

My fabulous line of I love Eievui Banpresto plush, + my talking tomy Eevee plush. I'm so happy to have them, they are really gorgeous !

Aaaaaand something a little special, my customs plush ! This adorable Rattata is made of minky, thanks again to LRKCreation to have done this adorable plush for me, I really like rattata and always want one like that !
And just look at this helioptile, He is big and so well done =o You can find more pictures of him in this link : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Helioptile-plush-angles-377437876
Many, many, many thanks to aSourLemon *w*

WOOOW ! First time I saw those necklace, I was like "OMG I need all of these !". But because of the cost, I finally just took Vaporeon, and was extremely pleased when I knew my boyfriend will gave me flareon for my birthday !!! I'm in total admiration, details are incredible on such tiny things <3

That's all for my plushies ! (And necklaces =p) If you want to see some more, I started a channel on YouTube to present them, but in my native language (French) ^^ : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLEMp_nYF2SFrCYlwKWlWcQ/videos

To conclude this post, I was wondering if someone knew if Jakks pacific will release new pokemon plushies? I always loved their artworks.
Thank you for reading!
Tags: collection, custom, eeveelution, latias, latios, pikachu, plush, pokemon
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