catheriner998 (catheriner998) wrote in pkmncollectors,

My collection, finally!!!

Hi everyone! I have finally got around to photographing my collection :) I hope you like looking at the photos, sorry that some of them are a bit blurry or have glare from the flash.

I'll start off with my main collection - Pokemon cards and flats. Well, actually this isn't my whole collection - there are seriously too many to photograph them all!! So I've just photographed as much as I can. These are what I enjoy collecting the most. I paid quite a bit for some of these cards, but I adore them so they are totally worth it! I'm always looking for more of the holo old cards (the ones before the TCG started) so if anyone has any they want to sell then let me know!

Then we have everything else! Plushes, figurines, stationary ect.

I hope you enjoy seeing my collection! I have to say, there are two things that surprised me since joining the community. The first is the amount of new gen Pokemon that I have come to really like! I always thought I would only like Pokemon from the first two generations as I grew up with them, but now I have serious obsessions with Bidoof, Burmy, Corphish and Buizel, I know that I love the later generations too!

The second thing that surprised me is how SERIOUSLY NICE AND HELPFUL everyone here is!! It's great that people like to help out other collectors so much :3 Thanks everyone!
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